Twice The Handi-Racker, Same Great Price!

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Handi-Racker, who makes a safety tool designed to help manipulate the slide on semi-automatic pistols, (which is excellent for people who might have limited strength or possibly missing limbs) will unveil the Handi-Racker 2 (HR2) at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, at booth #3761. We have combined our small and medium units and or Large and XL units. This will give users twice the fun at the same great price. HR2 sizes will now be referred to as Compact and Full Sized. has just received a notice of allowance on the Handi-Racker patent application, meaning the examiner is all done with his examination and has submitted it for patent.

CEO Chris McAninch says, “we will let the market determine if we will keep our existing skews.”


How to use the Handi-Racker:

  1. Handi-Racker is placed over the slide of a handgun.
  2. The front end of the Handi-Racker should then be placed against a flat hard surface and by using the firing hand, pressure should be exerted to push forward.The body of the Handi-Racker retains the slide within the slide channel, allowing the barrel to extend into the barrel channel.
  3. Once the slide has moved sufficiently rearward, the user releases pressure on the handgun grip, allowing the recoil spring to drive the slide forward and load a cartridge into the barrel. Then, the Handi-Racker is removed from the slide and the handgun may be fired.

If you would like more information about this product go to  or contact Chris McAninch at 515-480-4905 or email to

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