The New Miss America Hunts!

[su_heading size=”27″ margin=”0″]Miss America 2016 Is A Huntress[/su_heading]

Betty-Cantrell-Miss-Georgia-2015-152x190[su_dropcap style=”light”]M[/su_dropcap]iss Betty Cantrell, from Georgia, is the reigning 2016 Miss America champion, but to us, she might unexpectedly be the next spokesperson for hunters/huntresses at large.

Talented and a great shot, she says “I always went hunting with him [father] when I was little, so I learned to skin a rabbit, clean a deer, all those great things that every girl should know.”

Yes, all those things girls should know! We concur. For the full article by Wayne Crenshaw, read here.

Photographs by Reuters




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