The new Elftmann Tactical Ultralight Aluminum Stock

The new Elftmann Tactical Ultralight Aluminum Stock was introduced at SHOT Show.

I guess that by this time everyone is already familiar with the Elftmann’s triggers, and possibly their safety, but the minimalistic stock is brand new.

As an “early adopter” I was lucky to get my hands on one, and you can see what it looks like in the pictures below.

The drawback of being early is that it’s difficult to get a lot of experience with a product AND be one of the first to write a review which is supposed to include conclusions from that experience. It’s like when you’re looking for a job, and the employer is looking for someone who’s 20, has a lawyer’s degree and 10 year’s of working experience.

However, I think I have enough background and experience as a shooter and competitor to see where this kind of stock will shine.

As with everything, there is a compromise. The question is if you can live with them, which most of the time depends on what you’re going to use the rifle or carbine for.

If you’re going to shoot a lot of long range this is obviously not the best-suited stock available, unless you’re going to carry it for a very long time and your absolute aim is to reduce weight.

Extremely low weight versus less optimal ergonomics, this stock suits carbines with low recoil, shooting at shorter distances. Perhaps even as a PDW stock.

This stock is better suited on AR9 Pistol Carbines, for PCC competition for instance, where the actual shouldering is not always as important as if you’re shooting 200-300 yards.

If you’re looking at this stock for 3 GUN / IPSC Rifle competition rifle I’d say you’re probably better off with something more traditional, but it depends on the stages as well.

I did a quick fit of the new Elftmann Ultralight Aluminum Stock to my AR-300 Blackout, just to get an idea what it would look like.

It has the NEA gas tube, so far from ideal as it uses a shorter, non-standard buffer tube and a shorter bolt carrier but I took what I had at the moment. There’s a picture below from Elf with the stock on another buffer tube as a reference.

The ELF Ultralight Aluminum Stock is the lightest all metal adjustable stock produced today, weighing in at a trim 5.2oz. Innovative features include ease of adjustment over the entire length of the buffer tube and silent operation – no clicking into detent holes, a simple turn of the knob allows full adjustment and when tightened, it is rock solid with absolutely no rattle.

In terms of quality, I cannot spot any imperfections. It’s well made and has a nice surface finish. Perhaps the clamping screw might unscrew itself with time, but Loctite may help. I am happy that Elf didn’t put any shining red details on it.

Note the AR-15 / AR-10 Ambidextrous Speed Safety. I’ve had this for some time now, and it works really well. Easy to get used to. Available from $39.95.

Quickly take your AR from safety to ready to fire and back to safe with the simple push of a button. With no rotation necessary, no shifting of the shooters hand needed, this is the fastest safety selector to engage and dis-engage on the market!

JP Rifles CTR-02 upper. Magpul K2+ pistol grip. Raport charging handle.

The Elf stock is very minimalistic. It is really easy to adjust the stock, although this specific buffer tube offers very short adjustment length.

Aimpoint H2 Micro. 7.5″ barrel 300 Blackout. The barrel is a bull barrel from Lothat Walther Germany.

Below you can see Elftmann’s own pictures. Note the trigger.

There is also an even shorter version in development:

we are working on a shorter version of our aluminum ultralight stock, combined with this short carbon fiber PDW tube, it’s going to be hot!!! Regrann from @dk_320 – So over the past few weeks I have been working with @elftactical and @smokecomposites to create a PDW stock for my #SBR that was as short as possible and still functions properly. Light weight, extremely durable and most of all as cost efficient as possible. This is just a prototype and we’re still working to make this even better but I figured I’d give you all a sneak peak.

You can find the stock here.

The price is $199.00.