How do you Tame that Shotgun Recoil?

Having a 12 gauge shotgun should be on your list for home defense.
However, for shooters that are not well versed or are timid with the 12 gauge notorious recoil.
That kick can intimidate many gun enthusiasts.
There are some ways to managing this recoil.

The first is coined “hardware” which means modifying the gun or using a special accessories design to reduce the recoil.
The second is using sound technique-based means utilizing good techniques while holding and shooting the 12 gauge shotgun.

Hardware Solutions
One of the the first “hardware” of the many ways to reduce the recoil to save your shoulder is to use low recoil shells. There are reduced recoil versions of birdshots, buckshots and slugs to choose from at your local gun stores.

20 Gauge
Instead of using the 12 gauge use a 20 gauge because its smaller, lighter which makes it easier to handle the recoil.
Unfortunately, getting defensive ammo is more expensive than 12 gauge and the availability is limited. Lack of marketplace support makes it hard for this slug to go with. Just use the 12 gauge with low recoil ammo is a better way to go.

Recoil Pads
If you want to cushion your shoulder, get some extra cushion for your stock. They come in thick rubber pad, can help your sore shoulder.
Wearable recoil shield
Then theres the “wearable recoil shield”, in which the recoil pad can be strapped on directly to the chest/shoulder.
Recoil Reduction Stock
If you want to spend extra money, here’s a special stock with built-in spring systems, counter weights to reduce the felt recoil.

In the End
Just as Youtuber Chris Baker stated, getting these hardware gadgets is ok if you have the money. But, if you want to man up – get a stock with a shorter length of pull so you can get your weight behind the gun and show it who’s boss.