TacStar SideSaddle and Magazine Extension for Winchester SX3


What Your Shotgun Needs from TacStar

TacStar introduces a new SideSaddle and Magazine Extension for the Winchester SX3 and New Picatinny Rail Mounts for most popular shotguns.
Winchester SX3 Sidesaddle & Mag Extension

Newly designed for the popular Winchester SX3 model, TacStar’s new Sidesaddle and Mag Extension offer a combined capacity of 14 shells ready to go. The handy Sidesaddle places 6 shells right on the receiver and the mag extension increases magazine capacity to 8 – the ultimate tactical upgrade.
Mag Extension (8-Shot) Win. SX3 (#1081203) $67.98
6-Shot Sidesaddle Win. SX3 (#1081160) $38.98

Tactical Shotgun Picatinny Rail Mounts

The TacStar Shotgun Rail Mount is designed to fit standard 1” diameter magazine extensions and allows for easy mounting of tactical lights and/or lasers. The mount has three standard Picatinny rails positioned 90 degrees apart that allow for plenty of options when mounting accessories to the shotgun. The mount uses an easy to install clamping system which will not mar extensions, yet is strong and secure. Picatinny rails will accept most scope/light/laser mounting rings.

The shotgun rail mount is available in two lengths. Choose the mount that best fits your extension tube length and accessories. Keep in mind space for a barrel/magazine clamp if used.
Shotgun Rail Mount Short (Length: 1.8″) (#1081100) $29.98
Shotgun Rail Mount Long (Length 4.1″) (#1081104) $39.98

TacStar’s new shotgun accessories, as well as all TacStar products, are available
nationally through firearms and sporting goods dealers and mail order companies.

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