Survival Rifles

When the chips are down and without a moments notice what bug out guns, pocket rifles or survival rifles do you have? These rifles fits the SHTF scenario where you need a compact rifle that can be broken down and stored in your day pack, truck or even in your hidden cache.

Just so you know, these survival rifles we’re talking about is not a personal defense gun like the AK’s or fully equipped M4 (AR-15). Our main goal is about taking this out to the field when needed during a dire situation to hunt small game for survival.

There are many rifles on the market that are perfect for survival purposes, but we decided to narrow it down to these for SHTF.

  • Savage Arms Model 24 Combination Gun

    The beauty of this rifle is its ability to shoot in single-shot or as a shotgun. There are different models available, look into a Model 24C (Camper) which you can store your ammo in the stock. To switch from rifle to shotgun is just a barrel change. Some models can shoot .22 S/L/LR, 22 WMR, .30-30, .357 even .223. Shotgun tubes included are .410, 20-gauge and even a 12-gauge.
  • Henry Arms U.S. Survival AR-7 Rifle

    Henry Arms may be one of the most popular manufacturers at the moment because they pump out some good firearms. The AR-7 is no exception, this 22LR can be used for self-defense and its a boss at hunting small game as well. This semi-automatic rifle can be broken down to main components and housed inside the stock. This all around survival rifle is reliable and durable that can last a long time.

  • Henry Arms Lever Action .45/70 Rifle

    If you need more power than a .22 when you’re in a bigger game area. This short stature lever action rifle is quick and can send .45-70 lead downrange effortlessly. This gun comes with front an drear sights which can be equipped with a decent scope. Though short in stature, it might be a good fit for a SHTF scenario.
  • Springfield Armory M6 Scout

    This over-under rifle-shotgun combination sports 14 in. barrels, with the top barrel chambered in .22 Hornet with the bottom in 410 shotgun.
    Can be folded in half, inside a mechanic’s tool bag and used a trigger bar so you can fire while wearing mittens.
  • Chiappa X-Caliber

    Chiappa X-Caliber is the answer to M6 Scout atrocious trigger.
    This is an over/under design featuring a rifled 22lr and smoothbore 12ga barrels that allow you to use chamber inserts for other rounds.
    There are 12 different caliber options. That’s the 2 calibers we’ve had for years in the M6, plus eight pistol calibers (.380 , 9 mm, .357Mag/.38SP, .40 S & W, .44 Mag, .45 ACP , .410/.45colt ), and 2 shotgun calibers (.410 and 20 ga).
  • Ruger 10/22 Takedown Silent SR Suppressed Rifle

    Another great manufacturer that understands what their customers want, that is suppressed. This suppressed 10/22 rifle can be broken down and store in your bug out bag or truck. You can hunt small game with this rifle without the loud bang.
  • Rossi Matched Pair

    Similar to the Savage, this combo rifle can deliver in .22 LR/20-gauge or .22/.410 gauge.
    This rifle is rugged and simple to take down and if price is a deciding factor then get this, its cheaper than the Savage. Though the rifle is youth size, its still comfortable to work with even if you have a 6 foot frame body.
  • Ruger SR-556 Takedown Rifle

    This rifle may be perfect for that apacolyptic fire fight scenario as a last option to have.
    This can be broken down and stored discreetly anywhere. The SR-556 can use 556 magazines.

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