Surefire Light RCS Pocket Clip


Raven Concealment Systems released an after-market pocket clip that is perfect for tactical EDC lights. The replacement clip was originally designed for various SureFire models but the list of compatible lights is growing daily.

Designed to fit the one-inch body Surefire flashlights (P-series and G-series), the RCS Pocket Clip orients the light bezel-down inside the pocket. The only real drawback is that it may prevent constant-on in some lights.
The clips are manufactured from a high-strength spring steel and include a removable O-ring for those who use the ring technique when shooting. The O-ring is a removable Nitrile ring that gives all the functionality of a grenade ring while providing the break-away safety of polymer.

pocket_clip_in_pocketTo add the RCS Pocket Clip to a body SureFire or other compatible flashlight, remove the tailcap, batteries and o-ring seal from the light and slip the RCS pocket clip over the threads. Re-assemble the light and you’re ready to go. (Note: each clip comes with a finger ring, or you can use any other preferred lanyard on the built in lanyard loop.)watching_with_pocketclip

Key point is that the ring is an awesome solution for alternative carry vs a traditional flashlight holder. The quickness of drawing the flashlight is much faster. For LEO, the space on the duty belt is now free for other sources.

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