Sneak preview of reader photos from our September issue

reader photos8-Sara Stooks and Eliza Lasula reader photos5-Sara Stooks and Eliza Lasula reader photos6-Sara Stooks and Eliza Lasula reader photos7-Sara Stooks and Eliza LasulaIf you’re going to submit photos to Western Shooting Journal, HAVE FUN with them like these two gals did.

Sara Stooks and Bel M: Machine Gun and Two Cool Chicks

Bel M. is a food and beverage owner in Scottsdale. Sara Storks is a small business owner of In Style Exchange, LLC, located in Phoenix which she runs with her partner Sandy Zeller. Bel M. has been hooked on shooting since she met Mark in Scottsdale, Ariz. He owns a beautiful, original World War II MP40. Mark began taking Bel shooting at Scottsdale Gun Club and immediately Bel fell in love with the sound of the machine gun, pop pop pop!! Recently Bel and Mark took Sara Storks for a day of shooting in the pick-up truck loaded with watermelons and pumpkins and headed out to the desert. “We are always looking for something exciting and fun to do. Every springtime the weather is so beautiful in Arizona.”  The  fun began … Sweet sound with MP40. Next time, Sara, who is a 3rd generation Arizonan,  will bring her husband Brad, his 1944 original M1-carbine paratrooper and take Bel and Mark to a new shooting spot in sunny Arizona!! Looking forward to more shooting practice!! LOVE AMERICA and GOD BLESS you all!!



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