The Shredder – World’s Scariest Ammo

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World_s_SCARIEST_Ammo_The_SHREDDERThe guys from Taofledermaus took 12 large, extremely sharp X-Acto blades and loaded them into hi-brass 12gauge shotgun shells. They were hoping to see if the razors would stay intact. Will they work?

These are highly sharpen razor blades wrapped with industrial thread, the whole load is encased inside the 12 gauge shotgun shell. The threads were meant to hold them in place while in flight, but in this test it didn’t work out. Electrical tape was also used, but with the same result. See the full action below.


Various targets were used for testing such as watermelon, the head of a manequin and three large cucumbers.


Video Transcript:

Cameraman: What’s the scariest round you can think of for a Shotgun?

Assistant: Flying knives.

Cameraman: Flying knives. How ’bout twelve exacto-knife blades? One ounce-That’s one ounce of steel in a shotgun shell.

Assistant: Sharpened steel!

Cameraman: Extremely sharp. German-forged damascus steel there.


Cameraman: Let’s see if it’ll even load!

Assistant: Blackhammer.

Cameraman: This is a really bad idea.

Assistant: No problem, lookit that!

Cameraman: Like a dream. Let’s shoot something! Let’s see how well it slices. The ‘SHREDDER’ Round!

[Taofledermaus intro]

Cameraman: Quite a few viewers have wanted us to shoot razorblades out of a shotgun. Each blade is two inches long, razor-sharp, and we bundled ’em together with a piece of thread, hoping that will keep them together in flight. Now we have used that industrial thread before to hold objects like washers together, and those actually stayed together in flight and worked together fairly well. Just did not work in this case. As a quick fix we used some electrical tape and bundled then together even more, hoping that will keep them from splitting apart.

Cameraman: At least you hit that one! We had to wrap it with tape.

Assistant: Stabilizer.

Cameraman: This one, [strumming the metal stuck in the wood] you can tell how stuck in the wood that is. But I can’t explain this one. That’s kinda poking out of the bottom, and I can’t explain the physics behind that out of the top of the watermelon. And that one appeared to have gone… maybe- it had to have gone through it.


Cameraman: Whenever you’re ready!


Cameraman: What’d you bring? What are those?

Assistant: California drought watermelons.


Assistant: Yep!

Cameraman: Well let’s [laughter] That’s our last exacto blade round, let’s see if we can uh, slice and dice those up. [BANG] Ooh.

Cameraman: It would certainly seem that twelve exacto blades loaded into a shotgun shell would be the most terrifying, macho, deadly, terrifying round you can imagine. But there’s plenty of time-proven oldschool rounds that are very effective without gimmicky modifications. There’s never a shortage of companies trying to play on human’s emotions and coming out with a lot of gimicky stuff, and the companies always give them the most terrifying names, From the ‘Rip Ammo’ to the ‘Bow Bags’to the ‘Black Talons’. They’re almost never more effective than a traditional round, but they sure do play on people’s emotions.

Cameraman: Have you found this video interesting? Do you like to see weird things shot out of a shotgun? A lot of these are viewer suggestions. Check out my playlist, I have about seventy-five-plus videos in there. Hope you enjoyed this video, thanks for watching!

Source: Taofledermaus Youtube

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