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Salvo 12 – Silencerco

Everyone who owns a gun owns a shotgun. Until late last year, most of them had never been suppressed. The Salvo™ 12 from Silencerco is the first commercially-viable shotgun suppressor and represents an incredible advance in engineering and technology. The Salvo 12 is designed to operate with nearly all shotguns and ammunition on the market today including pump actions, semi autos, and inertia driven models.

Due to the modularity of the Salvo 12, the shooter can remove sections to balance their sound suppression, weight, and length needs and can attach the Salvo to their favorite shotgun with choke mounts available in improved cylinder, modified, improved modified, and full. This adaptability makes the Salvo 12 ideal for use with sporting clays, waterfowl, turkey hunting, home defense, and everything in between.

At its full length of 12 inches, sound is brought down to 136.8 dB at the muzzle — well below the 140 dB hearing-safe threshold set by OSHA. Pair this sound reduction with a noticeable decrease in felt recoil, and after just a few rounds through the Salvo 12, you’ll never go back to shooting unsuppressed again.

Caliber: Muzzle Average dB: Weight: Length:
12ga 136.8 34.5 oz 12″

Dimensions: Materials:
2.21″ x 2.96” Aluminum & Stainless Steel

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