Saiga 12 Shotgun – Rocking It

This kid in the video below isn’t afraid of a little recoil, one single shot is nothing for him.
This 12-year-old boy is rocking it with this fully automatic Saiga 12 Shotgun.

YouTuber aRiZ2008 shared this video of a young boy pouncing 12-gauge slugs through a full MD-20 drum magazine containing 20 shotgun shells.
This full-auto shotgun is a little more to handle than your typical 12-gauge Mossberg semi-auto or pump-action shotgun.

Its funny nowadays some people complain of recoil when shooting their shotguns and rifles, like the one a while back said, “a low-power Ar-15 .223 caliber rifle traumatized him“.

But, look at this your shooter who has no problems with this hard-kicking Saiga 12-gauge. Having this baby maybe one of the best thing to have for a home defense. This will out shoot any semi-automatic shotgun.
Who own one of these bad boys?