Range Review – The Range 702 In Vegas


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Review by Danielle Breteau • Photographs courtesy of Dawn Zlotek

Almost everyone has been to Las Vegas, and if you have not, there is an excellent chance you will some day. Las Vegas attracts millions of people each year, some willingly, some not and some subject to business conferences that they must attend. Wherever you sit on this continuum, if you are shooter or even if you’re not, everyone – including visiting aliens – should stop by The Range 702. “Why?” You ask. What makes this range different from the one down the street? Read on.

THE RANGE 702 is the largest indoor shooting range in Las Vegas, and we all know that everything in Vegas is big … or is that Texas? It doesn’t matter. Everything in this town is epic, and this range is no exception. The owners have created a place that truly delivers the ultimate shooting experience.

When I first walked in, I stepped into a vast, clean open pro shop, complete with a concierge who quickly addressed my needs. Everyone who worked there said “Hello” as they walked by and made sure I was taken care of – although my request for a martini was not fulfilled. This level of attention is not commonly found in many places, and gun ranges are no exception. Walking among the displays, guns and gear, they offered anything and everything I might have needed for shooting if I had, by chance, left my gear behind, which I would never admit to here. Anyway, one of the standard services they offer is a private chauffeur to and from the range for no fee at all. How is that for dedicated customer service?

the range 702 Proshop
This range prides itself on operating a clean, open, organized and friendly range.


This over-the-top range offers 16 lanes and four specific VIP lanes, an on-site gunsmith, and many other amenities, but the thing many people flock here for is the heart-pumping action this team puts together. These packages are what The Range 702 calls shooting experiences, and they boast titles such as Area 51, Femme Fatale – not sure what is involved here – Adrenaline Rush and Judgment Day, to name a few.

The lanes and space are state-of-the-art, with reverse airflow in brightly lit, clean and open shooting ranges that ensure shooters breathe in comfort, and don’t walk out smelling like they have just been to war – come to think of it, maybe that is not a good thing.


For the discerning shooter, their VIP lounge definitely caters to the non-masses by offering a private hostess, bar, restaurant, LCD TVs and pool table.  These high rollers even have their own private restroom facilities. The VIP route is literally the ticket to an unforgettable pampered shooting experience.

This area includes:

Four private 25-yard lanes;

Leather couches;

Kitchenette with complimentary soft drinks;

Viewing window from their suite into the range;

Did we mention the private bathroom?

All in all, not a bad setup.

The Range 702 VIP room
The VIP lounge offers its own private entrance, a hostess, personal range security officer, big-screen TVs, bar, pool table and private bathrooms.


No range would be worth its weight in gunpowder if it didn’t offer a standard regime of courses for new and expert shooters alike. Courses such as concealed weapons permit classes, intro to handguns, women-only courses, even personal one-on-one instruction is available. These are just a few of the options this range offers.


There are many options for memberships, although you do not need to be a member to shoot there, and they even offer special law-enforcement and military rates. We at the American Shooting Journal appreciate anyone who supports our brothers in blue and military ranks. Other memberships include rates for individuals, family, family plus, corporate rates and as we mentioned earlier, the VIP membership for those who need their own special place to pee.

Memberships include: unlimited use of shooting range; priority placement on range; The Range 702 T-shirt; free use of eye and ear protection; discounts on select merchandise; free machine-gun rental on your birthday; five guest passes per year; discounts on training courses; one free FFL transfer; shooting league discounts; two free handgun rentals; and one free gun breakdown and cleaning, among a few other benefits.

These services alone make the low monthly fee worthwhile. Speaking of fees, they vary, so I would suggest you check out their website at TheRange702.com. ASJ

The Range 702 in Las Vegas
The Range 702 is Las Vegas’ biggest and most advanced shooting range. Not only are they over-the-top, they are a customer-service machine that includes personal chauffeur service to and from the range. 

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