Many Updates To The Pro Ear 200 Series

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Pro Ears has been manufacturing and marketing electronic and passive hearing protection since 1998, and has always been considered a leader in the Hearing Protection market.P200TYBH Pro 200 typhon behind the head

Continuing to innovate, their Pro 200 electronic ear muffs were recently updated with a more modern look and more attractive  price.

Executive Vice President of Altus Brands (parent company to Pro Ears), Charles Ricci, commented, “this has always been a nice entry-level hearing protector; super compact, dual circuit boards for real personalization, our unique DLCS-compression technology, very comfortable and a robust spring-form steel headband for added durability. They are ideal for outdoor shooters.”

He then added, “We lowered the retail price from $129.99 to $99.99, updated the packaging and styling and started to offer it in seven modern patterns and colors. We also now offer all Pro 200s with an optional behind-the-head headband style. We strongly believe consumers trust Pro Ears to be one of the most reliable, and high quality hearing protection options on the market, and we need to make sure we are still delivering value to the consumer and dealer network.”P200HI Pro 200 highlander

Since 2008, Altus Brands has acquired and developed small to mid-sized companies in the hunting and shooting arena to unlock their potential for growth. The company has acquired or developed over eleven brands including Cass Creek Outdoors, Pro Ears Hearing Protection and Amplification, Benchmaster Shooting Products, Extreme Dimension, Kwikee Kwiver, Woodland Whisper, Harmon Scents, Rifleman, iHunt and others.

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