Pistol Shooting Force on Force Drill

Moving and shooting is the order of the day when engaged at close quarter. Anything within 21 feet people will be scattering like cockroaches when the lights comes on.

So learning to shoot a paper target is fine for target practice or to go over your basics like sight alignment, breathing, trigger squeeze, etc..

Once we do a little “Force on Force” training against a live subject that can shoot back. Now the game is a little different when compared to standing in front of a stationary target that doesn’t shoot back. You can invest in  either Airsoft or Simunitions, the later costs a lot more. Simunitions is more realistic in terms of the sound of a gun, but with little recoil. This is paintball on steroids, and when you get hit it does sting.

Cowboy Drill

A basic scenario is having 2 participants facing each other from 21 feet, hence the name “Cowboy Drill”. On the word go both parties will commence to shoot each other. What you get out of this is based off of how much you’ve been trained and your instincts on reacting to a threat. (Video Courtesy of HangunMag.com)


Things change when SHTF (shit hits the fan) is in full swing. While you’re on the move to get behind cover or returning fire your body may be in any type of position. You’ll notice is your shooting stance will more than likely be in a crouch Isoceles. Another reason to learn to shoot from the Isoceles.

So should I Shoot if I’m back pedaling at an oblique postion? Thats your call at that moment. It’s hard to quarterback this if you’ve never experienced participating in the training scenario. Depending on your training and hours logged in, you will response in the way that you were trained if any.

Key Take Aways from force on force training are:

  • Shoot fast but be Accurate
  • Get Off the Opponent Line of Sight – thus making them react to you.
  • Be Mobile – Its harder to shoot a moving target.


The reality from this training is that everyone will get hit by the airsoft or simunition bullet. So in real life there is a chance that you may be injured in the process of defending yourself or loved ones. Not to dampen your mood, but try to keep it in perspective of the big picture when training.

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