Gary B. Wells, Attorney at Law
Because firearms laws are often found in multiple codes, regulations, and rules, they tend to be disorganized and complicated. They also often fail to provide the guidance necessary for compliance. Volume 1 of the Firearms Laws for Businesses and their Customers series explains the federal firearms laws in an easy-to-understand format. The book covers all aspects of the Gun Control Act, National Firearms Act, and the relevant provisions of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations. Volume 2 covers the firearms laws of Texas; personal firearms transfers; firearms crimes, seizures, and self-defense; and the requirements, restrictions, and obligations related to licenses to carry.


American Track Truck
For the past 10 years, American Track Truck (ATT) has provided their Dominator Track Systems for half-ton vehicles all around the planet. Now, ATT is excited to introduce their Dominator XL HD Track System. Designed specifically for ¾- and one-ton vehicles, the Dominator XL HD has been real-world tested for more than five years, with extraordinary results. The clean, simple design of the XL HD ensures weight reduction, fuel efficiency, and low operational costs. Bolt-on installation is key; no modifications to the vehicle are necessary. The XL HD comes fully assembled. Mention American Shooting Journal for free shipping through June 2018.


The Range 702
For a truly unique firearm experience in Las Vegas, fire the Quadzilla, a pintle-mounted multi-barrel machine gun that is essentially four separate M4 receivers mounted together to deliver a combined rate of fire at an incredible 1,400 rounds per minute. The gas-operated, magazine-fed machine gun uses four separate rotating bolts to handle all that firepower, and is beautifully crafted of rugged 7075 aluminum alloys, with steel barrels, bolts and bolt carriers. It uses a spade grip and butterfly-style trigger. This unique firearm is one you’ll never forget, and will go to the top of your list of interesting guns to shoot.


Spokane Spice
Each year, thousands of hungry folks from around the Pacific Northwest gather in the rolling hills and farmlands of the Palouse in Washington state. The attraction? Hundreds of pounds of homemade sausage, all prepared with Palouse German sausage seasoning. In villages like Uniontown and Colton, people will be enjoying wonderful meals, thanks in part to the spice experts at Spokane Spice. One of their most popular mixes, the semi-sweet Palouse German blend is fantastic, whether fresh or smoked. However you try it, you’re sure to find it delicious!


Wildlife Forever
Have you heard? Invaders are threatening your access to fishing, hunting, and the outdoor sports. To keep our public lands open for hunters and anglers, we must stop the spread of invasive species. The Bureau of Land Management, along with Wildlife Forever, are combining efforts to encourage people to clean, drain and dry their outdoor equipment. Invasive species like zebra mussels and spotted knapweed are easily transported on outdoor gear. A simple inspection and following the national guidelines for cleaning equipment, draining boats and ballast, and thoroughly drying gear will help prevent spreading foreign plants and animals. Help protect your favorite places – clean, dry, and drain. Every time.


Shoot Smart
Dallas/Fort Worth’s premier indoor shooting range – Shoot Smart – is again raising the bar as they incorporate the V23 Live Fire Shooting System into their menu. The V23 projects reactive video games downrange, and reacts using your firearm. Yes, your firearm. And no, no special equipment necessary. Patrons are welome to use their own firearm, or may rent one to play Battleship, knock over cans, or shoot – ack! – zombies. The V23 feature will be available in May at the Grand Prairie facility at 2440 West Main Street.


The Real Texas Gun Show
The Real Texas Gun Show may not be the largest gun show to come down the pike, but they’re one of the oldest, safest, and most enjoyable to be held in the Lone Star State, bar none. The organizers’ goal is safety and satisfaction, both for the exhibitors and the attendees. This isn’t a flea market; in fact, show organizers limit non-gun- and knife-related products to just 5 percent of the total table space exhibiting at each show. If you want to see – and buy – guns and knives, this is the place to do it. The Real Texas Gun Show. The greatest show on Earth. Or Texas.


Dallas Arms Collectors Association • Booth #9860
Dallas Arms Collectors Association, Inc. is delighted to announce the display “Guns and Gunfights of the Texas Rangers” at the 147th NRA Annual Meeting. This exceptional collection will bring to life 10 original Colt Walkers, as well as many other guns and memorabilia belonging to former Texas Rangers. Also included is a display on Comanche warfare. On hand too will be several retired Texas Rangers, all happy to discuss the history of this great organization and relive tales of the Rangers from years past.


Eagle Indoor Gun Range
The Eagle Indoor Gun Range is the premier public indoor range in Texas. Now with branches in Lewisville on West Valley Ridge Boulevard, and in Farmers Branch on Midway Road, Eagle features Careys’ state-of-the-art air filtration system, 24 shooting lanes with Action Targets, and NRA-certified range officers on the bay at all times. Each lane is 25 yards long, and all are capable of handling rifles and pistols. And check out Eagle’s complete line of rental firearms, too. For the best customer service in the Lone Star State, come to Eagle Indoors.


Joseph Chiarello & Co., Inc.
Joseph Chiarello & Company, Incorporated, is a family-owned and -operated business founded in 1934, and has specialized in insuring the firearms industry since 1979. Throughout those years, many of their competitors have come and gone, but for more than three decades, Chiarello & Company has stood by the firearms industry. The coverage they provide is an important tool for managing your company’s exposure to risk. Chiarello & Company’s primary focus is on commercial general liability and property coverage. They’re underwritten by
the Granite State Insurance Company.


QuickLOAD! Computer software – the only computer software – that accurately predicts shooting variables such as chamber pressure, muzzle velocity, and others. QuickLOAD contains data for more than 290 common powders, 1,300 cartridges, and over 3,000 bullet types, weights, and designs. User-based customization is always an option. QuickLOAD also includes two exterior ballistics programs capable of calculating statistics for the projectile path after it’s exited the barrel. Want to design your own wildcat cartridge? Do it with QuickLOAD. Get your free demo disk today.