Not your Boring Shotshow Range Day

Booth videos at Shotshow usually suck. Its a media guy and a company rep getting forced to say nothing but awesome things about a product.
Most of the times, that media guy has shot the gun for the first time. How could he possibly formulate an opinion off that?
Well these two guys, an Army Ranger and a Marine didn’t follow the template and what came out of footage that was supposed to be scrapped ended up being the thing that makes this video worth watching.

If you’re former military or police you will understand what they’re talking about when they get into weapons employment and reliability.
These two former U.S. Military members are Daniel Shaw and Kris Paronto (one of the heroes of Benghazi). Kris is the company rep and Daniel is the media guy.
They are probably paid to talk about the product but their approach was genuine and from personal experiences while toting the AR.
Here’s a few insights and tidbits:
Handling and Placement for GunFighting
-Some bigger guys like the longer extensions on the buttstock. (M16A2) Medium size guys like to be able to adjust the length depending on your purpose and the environment that you’re working in.
-They both agree the placement of the buttstock sometimes can be closer to the center of your chest when you have your gear and armor on.
-Backing a product that they believe in is vital to them, its the authenticity of the product, “a proven product that you can trust your life on”.

Cheers to FunkerTactical for the vid.

Sources: FunkerTactical Youtube, ShotShow2018