MGM Targets introducing Eagle Eye Switchview universal speed lever at NRA convention

Eagle Eye SwitchviewMGM Targets Introduces Universal Fit SwitchView™ Scope Magnification Adjuster

Inspired by the great popularity of the MGM SwitchView™ scope magnification adjustment lever and its simplicity, function and reliability, a universal fit, polymer version is now available. Introducing the MGM Eagle
Eye SwitchView™ lever from MGM Targets.

The latest innovation from MGM Targets, the leader in steel targets and maker of alloy riflescope adjustment levers called SwitchView™ Levers, MGM introduces the MGM Eagle Eye SwitchView™ Universal Speedlever.

Tirelessly engineered and developed to strictest MGM demands, the Eagle Eye SwitchView™ functions exactly the same as alloy models for fast, easy magnification adjustment, is adjustable to fit any sporting scope and made of injection molded polymer especially developed for use in the MGM Eagle Eye SwitchView™ .

Eagle Eye SwitchView™ is made from Zyetl 66 also known as Nylon 66. This material has become widely accepted and used in the firearms industry for Glock pistol frames and many other firearms related components. The material was selected for its durability and stability as it will not become brittle in cold or overly flexible in the heat. Nylon 66 is also resistant to breakdown due to chemical exposure. MGM Eagle Eye SwitchView™ is designed to fit any scope, installs easily and performs reliably to enhance the shooting experience, all at a very economical retail price. MGM also offers attractive margins for SwitchView™ distributor programs.

MGM Vice President, Travis Gibson commented, “The Eagle Eye SwitchView™ lever was specifically engineered to be a magnification adjustment lever for pistol, rifle, and spotting scope optics, and was extensively tested for just this purpose. It is not a repurposed fishing reel holder, cable tie, or wine bottle opener. For those familiar with the aluminum SwitchView™ lever, the Eagle Eye SwitchView™ lever was designed from customer feedback to be a bit less rigid than the alloy SwitchView™ . When compared to the alloy models, on initial installation the lever may seem a little “springy”. This is by design, to allow for movement if the lever was to be accidentally bumped on a tree, or while being transitioned in and out of gun cases, vehicles, etc. and not transmit impact to the magnification ring and scope. While rigorous tests and evaluations in the field have proven it to be extremely reliable, the primary intent for the Eagle Eye SwitchView™ is for use on hunting type rifles, and not necessarily “work guns” or “hard use” guns such as with military and law enforcement. As with all MGM Targets products, the Eagle Eye SwitchView™ lever is made in USA.

Now available for delivery. / MSRP $24.99. / Wholesaler and distributor programs available.

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