The Best Concealed Carry Pants for Men

As most AR15 budget builders will tell you, what goes into the upper receiver and the lower is often dictated by what you wish to accomplish with it. For example, suppose you want your rifle to withstand high-volume shooting and still retain some accuracy.
In that case, you’ll probably set your sights on a SOCOM barrel, or if you intend to use your AR15 in competition, you may be eyeing a barrel such as a Hanson sixteen-inch Ballistic Advantage. While this same type of scrutiny is typical when configuring and building your rifle, very few firearm enthusiasts usually apply the same strategies when choosing clothing to wear when out and about and carrying your favorite pistol along for the trip.  

With so many different concealed carry pants for men on the market, sometimes choosing the right pair for you is a daunting task. Instead of spending weeks attempting to determine what concealed carry pants will work for you, here is a list of four of the best on the market today and a few things to check for when shopping for them.
One thing they all have in common is that each gives the appearance and appeal of a standard set of casual dress pants, and yet they all provide the functionality you’ll need for responsible concealed carry.

CQR Men’s Tactical Pants
The first thing that stands out with this pair of conceal carry pants is the price. Competitively priced between thirty and forty-five dollars, CQR makes these tactical pants to handle almost every environment or emergency in comfort. All exterior pockets of these pants have Velcro fasteners for safe and secure retention of an ample supply of magazine clips.
You can even carry a few range tools without awkward bulkiness when space is at a premium.
These tactical concealed carry pants from CQR also have an outside D Ring for accessories you prefer to carry on the outside.

CQR builds these concealed-carry pants with a blend of Spandex, Polyester, and cotton fabric that helps you maintain comfortability and durability for years. Additionally, these CQR tactical concealed-carry pants provide you with superior mobility while remaining comfortable and repelling dirt and dust better than most.
On either side of these CQR tactical pants, CQR includes an expandable waistband that is perfect for IWB carry of your favorite holster, providing you maximum coverage and improved secure fit of your holster. Should you choose not to wear your pistol on your hip, the pockets of these CQR tactical pants are deep and wide enough to accommodate most compact and even some large-frame pistols.

11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro
The men’s Taclite Pro pair of concealed-carry pants fare a little better in size selection, offering size ranges of a twenty-eight waist to a thirty-six-inch inseam length. Priced competitively at between forty and one hundred dollars, 11 Tactical manufactures this line of pants with many of the most common waistlines and inseams.  

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The high-quality concealed-carry pants from 11 Tactical feature a breathable cotton and polyester blend and patented Taclite ripstop fabric that provides you excellent mobility and durable and maximum performance in the field. Another superb quality of these Taclite Pro concealed-carry pants from 11 Tactical is the Teflon coating 11 Tactical applies to every pair.
This protective finish protects the pants from stains, moisture, and dirt without compromising comfort and wearability. 11 Tactical features these concealed-carry pants with eight deep pockets and a few strap and slash seat pockets that will give you plenty of storage areas and easy access to your gun and any mission-critical gear you choose to carry.

When style is important to you and functionality just as critical, these concealed-carry pants from 11 Tactical come in nine different colors and gusseted construction to prevent most rips and tears.

Propper Men’s Canvas Tactical Pant
While the price range for these concealed-carry pants hovers in the middle range of between forty to sixty dollars, if canvas means rugged dependability to you, you’ll probably want to look at these pants from Propper.
Not only do these pants from Propper have a stylish but all-business appeal, but Propper adds a few extra storage areas to bring the total count to ten deep pockets for almost all mission-critical items you can think to carry. These concealed-carry pants from Propper provide maximum
lightweight comfort for any active lifestyle, and feature DWR treated polyester and cotton canvas blend.

Although you’ll find many of these types of concealed carry pants available with reinforced knees, Propper takes it a step further with internal openings on both pant legs for inserting additional knee pads.
Another specialized feature of these pants from Propper is that each of the series of concealed-carry pants from Propper is NTOA member tested and approved before making it to the shelf for purchase.
With the Canvas Tactical pants, Propper takes the term elastic waistband to the next level, offering a stretch waistband that provides extreme comfortability at the waist. By design, the hips and legs of the Canvas Tactical concealed-carry pants continue to remain relaxed, and the pant
legs stay straight down to the tops of your shoes or boots.

Tru-Spec 24-7 Tactical Pants 

Lastly, these Tru-Spec 24-7 concealed carry pants represent all-day and night comfortable wear
in forty different sizes and thirteen colors. Unfortunately, the Tru-Spec Tactical pants seem more
stylish-oriented than tactically practical. They come with only two deep pockets in front, two
cargo pockets, and a pair of back pockets.
Although limiting you to what you can carry on the mission, these pants from Tru-Spec do offer
an adjustable sliding waistband that accommodates paddle-style or inside waistband holsters that
require two-inch belt loops.

Additionally, Tru-Spec 24-7 pants are made of a durable polyester cotton blend and are machine
washable. One excellent feature of the Tru-Spec Tactical Pants is the knees inside openings to
accommodate knee pads for added protection.
Made in a price range of from less than twenty dollars to a high-end and surprising one hundred
and twenty dollars, you’ll want to make sure this pair of concealed-carry tactical pants is what
you need for the mission before whipping your cash out.

Choosing What’s Right for You
As you’ve probably realized by now, choosing the right pair of concealed carry pants depends entirely on how often you’ll be wearing them and the mission requirements. If it’s a casual trip to the store or restaurant, then back home, a pair of tactical pants from Tru-Spec may be what you need.
If you’re heading out to the field with a specific mission in mind and need to carry a complete set of gear, another pair of tactical pants may be in order. Whatever the task, all you need to do is a little research before you choose.