LAPD’s SIS Glock G30S Pistol


LAPD SIS new handgun of choice the Glock G30S.

SIS – Special Investigation Section specializes in surveillance and intelligence gathering, the handpicked team of SIS build their cases to maximize the chances of successful prosecution. SIS handles tough criminals and when their cases are ready, SIS are responsible for apprehending these criminals. These “hot takedowns” are extremely dangerous and frequently result in armed resistance. As such, SIS officers are skilled in the art of combat shooting.

SIS officers are constantly refining their tactics to stay ahead of sophisticated criminals. Similarly, as the bad guys get better armed, SIS continues to up the ante in their selection of high-performance duty guns. The latest development is a new Glock pistol developed specifically to meet the requirements of SIS — the Glock 30S.

concealment_carryEffective Concealment
With great knock down power, there was the issue of concealment. Glock successfully met SIS needs by constructing this in a timely manner. Since all SIS operations are conducted in civilian attire blending discreetly with the public, effective concealment is ideal.

Magazine Capacity
Unfortunately, in most of the shootouts that SIS is involved usually many rounds are fired. The last thing to worry is to reload, Glock again comes through with G30S capability to use G21 mags.

LAPD SIS careful tracking of historical data shows 10 rounds was ideal to have if confronted in multiple assailants scenarios. With 10 rounds a skilled SIS officer can incapacitate the assailant.

Simple Efficiency

One of the pragmatic characteristics of Glock pistols is their simplicity. Since the inception of their first groundbreaking design, simple efficiency has been a trademark of their approach to product design. Should be no surprise, that Glock’s engineers for SIS was extremely simple.

Utilizing the slimmer G36 slide makes the G30S lighter, cycles faster and gives a slight increase in shot to shot recovery – getting back on target is important.

glock schematicsDespite the deceptive simplicity of the R&D process, the results of the G30/G36 fusion were awesome. The absolute consistency of Glock’s engineering and manufacturing processes allowed the “Hybrid Glock” to function just as flawlessly as both original.

Conceptually, the G30S makes a lot of sense, but the proof is always in the performance. (shooting)

In summary, the G30S shoots well, carries well, and offers the magazine capacity to address the needs of SIS officers most likely to face.


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