Homemade 12 Gauge Pistol

Out in the wild internet you can find all sorts of homemade guns. Even a 12 gauge pistol, which isn’t a common thing to build.

This aspiring gunsmith out in the boonies built one which resembles a 1911 pistol. Its not quite a Diablo 12 gauge handgun in quality and craftsmanship, but this does work as you’ll see. A video posted by Facebook Guns, Ammo & Knives.
Diablo 12 gauge pistol
The thing is shooting a gun built from a well known gun manufacturer is fine because its a trust issue. You know its not going to blow up in your face or takes your hand off. But, if your buddy said he got this homemade 12 gauge handgun from his friend sister cousin, who’s from the Phillippines. Would you shoot it?

Maybe, we’re being too much of a party pooper. Its that a 12 gauge shotgun shell was meant to be used in a long gun, not a homemade pistol. The heavy recoiling 12 gauge shotshell is about to give this guy a serious whiplash.

Would you defy the odds and take a chance to fire this homemade 12 gauge pistol for the fun of it?

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