Here’s a Shooting Drill that you have never Tried

This is one tactical shooting drill that you probably have never seen, but it certainly brings up an interesting topic on realism in training and the engagement of moving targets.

Rob Pincus came up with this shooting drill called “Dynamic Deviation Control“. Dynamic Deviation Control is a pistol shooting drill that is designed to inculcate a shooter to engage a moving target. This is just fancy talk for saying shooting while your gun is in motion.

Keeping you gun perfectly still during precision drills on the range is one thing, but do it while in motion will be a common occurrence during a defensive event. This may be a missing key element in your shooting regimen for personal defense.

This type of drill takes your paper target shooting up to the next level.

When you consider the bulk of tactical pistol training occurs on non-moving paper targets this drill makes a lot sense. Certainly worth trying out next time you are at the range, just be careful not to drop the basic principles such as grip, stance and sight alignment when you add movement to your gun.

Sources: Rob Pincus, Rob Leatham, Andy Van Loan

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