Has the ‘World’s Best Gun Cleaning Kit’ Been Created?

rstyrgsMany gun owners and gunsmiths throughout North America are talking about a new gun cleaning product which has been created by a new up and coming company in the shooting and firearm industry. Rusty’s Rag, Inc., makers of high quality gun cleaning accessories, has made what they believe is the ‘World’s Best Gun Cleaning Kit!’

The Rusty’s Rags Gun Cleaning Kit, as it is called, is a hand cut sheepskin cloth that is used with Rusty’s Famous Gun Oil which not only cleans all firearms, but protects them as well. It is also the only gun wipe on the market that can get in the many small ‘Nooks & Crannies’ of the gun. Now the whole gun can be cleaned and protected instead of just the bore and interior parts.

“The Rusty’s Rags Gun Cleaning Kit was created to replace the ‘old fashion’ gun cleaning kit,” says Latham Doxey, founder of Rusty’s Rags. “Our new product was created for shooters who handle their guns on a regular basis. The best part is that it is so easy to use. Simply wipe down your firearm with the Rusty’s Rags Sheepskin applicator after shooting or handling it in the field. The sheepskin cloth easily removes finger prints and harmful debris that can lead to rust. It also lays down an invisible protectant that protects the firearms from future handling and damage.”

“We have thoroughly tested our new product with hunters, gunsmiths, competition shooters, and U.S. service members in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many say their guns shine better now than they did coming straight from the factory. We were contacted by a gunsmith in Texas who has been in the firearm business for many years. He was so impressed with our product that he switched from his thirty year old method of wiping down his firearms to our product basically overnight! He is now recommending Rusty’s Rags products to his new and longtime customers and also his gunsmithing buddies,” Latham told us.

The Rusty’s Rags Gun Cleaning Kit is conveniently packaged for easy use. A flannel polishing cloth is included in the package and is used for wiping excess oil and polishing the firearm to a fine finish. The kit can be easily stored in a range bag, vehicle, home safe, or taken with the shooter into the field. The kit also includes a 1?2 ounce bottle of Rusty’s Famous Gun Oil which has no odor and is non-toxic. So has the ‘World’s Best Gun Cleaning Kit” been created? Many people who have tested the product seem to think so. With a 30 Day Money Back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by trying them and you can be the judge. With the many great features the Rusty’s Rag Gun Cleaning Cloth has over traditional gun wipes, these new kits may hold that status for a long time to come.

The Rusty’s Rags Product line is sold through the Rusty’s Rags website at RustysRags.com or by calling them directly at 770-710-1356. You can also find Rusty’s Rags products in fine sporting goods stores throughout North America and Europe.

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