Han Solo Carried a .300 Blackout Pistol

Checkout this .300BLK AR Pistol, yes pistol. But, it’s not an AR pistol with a short-barreled and a brace instead of a buttstock. This custom made gun can actually be shot and carried like a handgun.
Elijah Duray of Eagan, Minnesota is the builder of this almost look a like Han Solo blaster. His .300 Blackout pistol on an AR-15 platform weighs about 38 ounces, which is about the same as a 1911 pistol.

Elijah saids he built this as a side project with the hunter in mind, but a little different. But, I think this would make a fantastic survival gun. When you look at it you’ll notice there isn’t any buffer tube. The gun is not a semi-auto, but a straight-pull bolt action with a side-mounting charging handle acting as the bolt handle. Yes, its a manual.

This Blackout doesn’t need a large gas system. Every time you pull the bolt back, it cams, ejects a round, and chambers a new one. Elijah built this gun this way so as to trim as much weight as possible.
“You don’t need a gas block, a gas tube, you don’t need a hand guard, you don’t need a normal charging handle, you only need half a bolt carrier you don’t need most of your gas key, you don’t need your bolt catch, your buffer tube, your buffer, your spring, all these part that you can eliminate by making it a straight-pull bolt action pistol,” says Elijah.

Running Quiet
Another cool thing about Elijah .300 Blackout AR pistol is that you can run it suppressed. Elijah wanted this gun to also be more quiet than the regular AR pistol.
Because this gun don’t have to have enough pressure to cycle the action you can load subsonic in any weight that you want. The result is that it is very quiet when suppressed.
Another piece to eliminating the action noise while trimming weight and parts, this AR frame uses a hybrid polymer lower and upper (with metal inserts) and is manually-operated.
Without the need for a Bolt Carrier Group he says he uses one that is basically cut in half and drilled and tapped for the left-side charging handle. At the same time, he still has all of the modularity of a standard AR when it comes to triggers, parts, magazines, etc.
This Blackout can hold a 10 round, 20 round magazine. Not sure if it comes with a 30, but probably. You all can correct us on that.

The Cost
The Solo cost Duray about a few hundred dollars to make and he can use hand loads with bullets from 60-grains up to 265 with a very subtle sound signature when fitted with a screw-on can and minimal recoil. This gun looks like a fit for plinking, varmint hunting and loads of other fun with a suppressor.

Photos by Elijah Duray