Franklin Armory Awarded Multiple Trigger Patents

On April 24th, 2018, the US Patent and Trademark Office awarded two patents to Franklin Armory® for their innovative Binary Firing System™. Patent numbers 9,952,012 and 9,952,013 demonstrated a total of 62 claims awarded to Franklin Armory® for their unique design! While the various claims cover a vast array of pull-release technology, the chief claims include safety technology to allow discounting of the release round by simply modulating the selector, as well as a lock-out provision to prevent switching to binary mode after the trigger has been depressed and held back in semiautomatic mode. Other claims featured parallel disconnectors controlled by a single, multi-cam selector as well as the ability to select from safe, to semiautomatic, to binary mode through the use of a single selector.

Jay Jacobson, President of Franklin Armory, stated that:

Our initial presentation to the market was that the BFS™ is ‘selectable and safe.’ We have always strongly believed that these safety and convenience features are what distinguish our products in the marketplace, and now the US Patent Office has concurred.

These are the first of many pending patents to be awarded to Franklin Armory® for Binary trigger technologies. Well before the introduction of the BFSIII™ in 2015 more patents were filed to cover the new design and new features. The BFSIII™ allows for ease of installation and multiple platform compatibility. Franklin Armory® has already released 5+ triggers using their patented technologies with more to come.

The driving force behind this company’s success is our ability to aggressively brainstorm new unique ideas, pursue them, and protect them. Having two more patents granted is not only a well-received recognition for our ingenuity but a motivator to keep that drawing board dripping in ink and new ideas flowing off the pages.” Says Ryan Fellows Chief of Design for Franklin Armory®

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Press release content provided by Franklin Armory.