Escaping from Zip Ties – the Rear

The best way to overcome any type of restraints is to analyze how it works.
Zip ties are tough nylon tape that contains small teeth running lengthwise down on one side, and a ratchet with small teeth embedded in a small open case.

The ratchet is molded to have downward pressure to be placed upon it as the tape is run through the open case, once the tape is align with the teeth of the ratchet, it will lock the zip tie.

If you apply more forward movement this will continue to tighten the zip tie, and backwards movement will lock it. The zip tie used in this video is a heavy duty type from Lowes and Home Depot, the rating is a 175 lb.

So how do you escape from a zip tie? You can either completely break the zip ties, shim them, use a friction saw or with a little forward thinking just be able to slip right out of them. This demonstration below is breaking the zip ties.

The idea is to swing your arms vigorously towards your buttocks and pulling the arms outward. Key things that make this work is that the zip tie is fully tightened and that the locking mechanism is centered between the two wrists. Obviously, you’re going to have to put in some practice. Anyone try this before?, let us know below in the comments.

Sources: ITSTactical Youtube

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