Can a GoPro Camera protect you from a .22 Cal Bullet?

[su_heading size=”30″]And possibly save your life?[/su_heading]

One popular question that came up, is if someone with a .22 came up on you while you had your GoPro camera on your chest or forehead, could it protect you against the .22 Cal? Let’s say if the person is wearing it on the forehead that you often see with these “thrill seekers” or cops that have it on their chest. Realistic hypothesis?, who knows, but it makes a great conversation piece, enter 22Plinkster Youtuber.
22 Plinkster gets out to the range from some discovery, here’s what happens when a .22 bullet hits a GoPro Camera, see the video below.

The results? Well, the Federal .22 Long Rifle bullets fired out of a pistol did not penetrate the GoPro Camera. Two shots both ended the same and the bullet was actually captured inside of the camera itself.

When you’re out with your GoPro Camera, it is plausible that the bullet from a .22 caliber pistol could be stopped dead in it’s tracks. However, we suggest you not use one as a replacement for a more suitable ballistic helmet.

[su_heading size=”30″]Video Transcription[/su_heading]

Hey guys, 22Plinkster here. Just like my yeti video, I always like to see what can stop a 22 Long rifle bullet. Especially out of the pistol form. My yeti video, as you recall, the Yeti stopped it. It’s kinda practical, you may or may not be taking a drink of coffee or whatever-have-you in your yeti, and someone comes up to you with a 22 longrifle, but if you are, guess what, you’re going to be safe. This is kind of the same idea. A lot of people wear these action cameras on their forehead or on their chest, and if someone came up to you with a 22 longrifle pistol, would this be strong enough to save your life if they go for a headshot or a chest shot?

Now this is my Hero4, this one does not work, I’ve had many phonecalls with GoPro, they refuse to fix it, I’m actually going to record me shooting a GoPro with my new E4K. So, I’m gonna back up about ten feet away, make this shot with my frankenpistol, I’ll be using federal bolt champion 36-grain high-velocity ammo, and if you think a GoPro would stop a bullet, put it in the comments below. I have no idea on this one.

[Intro sequence]

If you haven’t put it in the comments below, will a GoPro Hero stop a 22 LR? Let’s find out.

I’m gonna go for the lense.


Alright, knocked his bullet off, let’s go take a look.

Okay, I have not touched anything. I said I was aiming at the lense. Look there, I hit right here at the lense of this, and you may have actually heard the bullet ricochet on video.

Here’s the camera below, and as you can see, it grazed the outer skirts of the lense, the bullet impacted there, and it did not go through. That bullet is stuck inside of this camera. That is pretty wild.

Alright, what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna see if I can get this thing back in here, I don’t know if it’ll fit back in there or not… Alright, yes. So what I’m gonna do now, I’m gonna aim to the left-hand side and just see if there’s enough electronics on the left-hand side here to stop the bullet. So let’s re-set, let’s try it again.

Ok, now I’m gonna aim on the left-hand side of the camera. I don’t know if it’ll make any difference or not, but we’re gonna find out.


[laughter] That mullet will not stay on.

[instant replays]

Okay, let’s see what the second shot did. Gotta put his mullet back on there. There you go buddy. Alright. Second shot. Holy cow. Take a look there. There is actually the bullet, stuck in the front of the GoPro. So needless to say, if you have one of these on your head, and you have it in one of these cases, and someone came after you with one of these 22 Longrifle pistol, there is a very good chance if you’re wearing this and the 22 bullet hits it, you’re gonna be alright.

Guys thank you very much for watching. Until next time, Y’all be safe, and keep plinkin’.

Let’s finish this GoPro off! Put it out of its misery! I got my Stoger P3000 here and Twelve-gauge. Here we go.

[Shot and laughter]

I think that’d take care of it.

Source: 22Plinkster Youtube

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