BRADY OLSON tackles teenage shooter

OlsonIf you haven’t yet heard, right here in our backyard at the North Thurston High School in Lacy, Wash. a 16-year-old boy shot off rounds in the school terrifying students and causing a stampede. While this is becoming commonplace, sadly but I draw your attention to the high school teacher who tackled this kid rendering him unarmed and no longer a threat. Brady Olson.

In our circles (people who carry guns  in case the unthinkable happens to protect ourselves and those around us) we would have been justified in shooting that kid in order to protect all the other kids and staff. In a report from the police commander, the campus resource officer, a Lacey police officer, “was preparing to shoot the boy when social studies teacher Brady Olson tackled the student.

One of the items we find troubling is the shooter says he obtained the gun from his parents. There has been a lot of debate on whether parents should suffer criminal charges for having their firearms accessible to their children. What do you think?

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