Best 380 Pistol

For Under $400

These days you can browse the web and find tons of good quality .380 handguns for sale for under $400, but if you’re not familiar with the market. You won’t know which .380’s are the best.
The .380 has been known to have the ability to effectively stop an attacker yet small enough to comfortably carry for long periods.

Which makes it a popular choice for many concealed carriers.
Without further adieu here are the top five .380 handguns under $400 for men and women.

  • Ruger LCP

    With its smooth compact design, its a great choice for long term carries. This Ruger has a low-profile sight and compatible with integrated lasers helps increase accuracy. With 6 in the magazine + 1 in the pipe gives you plenty of shots. Main thing about the LCP is its comfort and reliability.
  • Kahr CW3833

    This is a smooth double action .380, the offset barrel and ergonomic grips gives the shooter better control.
  • Walther PK380

    Designed for the concealed carrier that wants a small gun. With its slim grip its a good match for female carriers. Other features includes manual safety blocks, 3 dot polymer and an ambidextrous magazine release.
  • Smith & Wesson Bodyguard

    Maybe one of the most dependable .380 on the market at such an affordable price. Features includes 6+1 magazine, integrated laser sights for accurate shot placement and polymer grips. This Smith&Wesson also has a drift-adjustable rear sight for consistant accuracy.
  • Beretta Pico .380 ACP

    This Beretta is a double action, frame made of polymer, magazine holds 6 rounds. Designed for self-defense and deep concealment. Can be used for ankle carry and inside-the-waistband carry.
  • Taurus 738 TCP

    This compact, lightweight frame made of durable polymer packs a big punch. You can find this for $250, pretty good option for the money.