The Baikal IZH 94 – Russian SHTF Gun

While not rare, the Baikal IZH 94 chambered in 12ga AND 7.62×39 is one very cool firearm.

This popular Russian survival rifle is sends some pretty sweet firepower downrange.
One thing is for sure, the Russians had it right when they put together the Baikal IZH 94 survival rifle. It shoots two drastically different rounds and packs a pretty mean punch.

Watch the video below to see this thing send some lead downrange.

The firearm is capable of shooting a 12 gauge slug and a 7.62×39 round of rifle ammo. The gun itself is pretty sweet looking and boasts two triggers. One of the triggers is in charge of firing the slug while the other trigger fires the rifle ammo.

Overall a very cool looking gun!

Video Transcription
Hoff: Hey guys, BigDaddyHoffman1911 comin’ to you today on this beautiful sunday afternoon. Guys I found something really unique at a gunshow recently, and uh, this will be the first time we’ve had it on the range, and I’d like to show it to you. I think you’re gonna like this. Let’s go get it done.

Hoff: Alright guys, we got it laid on the table for you, and, tell me somethin’ about it, Jayce.

Jason: Alright, we were wandering around the gunshow trying to find something cool and unique, and this really just kinda popped right out, it almost bit us. Look at the barrel profile on that. Something just wasn’t right. [laughter] and it’s always good to wander around a gunshow and keep your eyes open to kinda find things that aren’t in production anymore. That’s the case with this Baikal here, it was imported by EAA, this is the IZH-94, and it comes in a whole bunch of different variants, but this was imported from Russia. They come in 308 over 12-gauge, and a whole bunch of different versions, but the one that I think is the perfect over-and-under here from Russia has got to be the 12-gauge and the 7.62×39

Well that’ll get the job done.

Jason: Yes it’s– we’re gonna call this the ‘Russian Survival gun’ here.

Hoff: Okay!

Hoff: Crack it open and let’s look at it a little closer.

Jason: You’ve got a little scope rail there–

Hoff: Yeah this one caught my eye, guys.

Jason: Yeah, the guy we’d gotten it from, he’d taken it deer hunting, actually, so there you go. Maybe some– you could use a slug for deerhunting, you know. I don’t know if 7.62×39 would be a good deer round, but you know, at closer range maybe. A great hog hunt gun, maybe.

Hoff: I’ve hog-hunted with it.

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: Not this one, but that round. [laughter] Alright.

Jason: That’s just cool right there.

Hoff: It is. Yes sir. Alright, what else we got?

Jason: That’s it. Just over-and-under 12-gauge by 7.62×39.

Hoff: So I say we shoot it for the first time.

Jason: Let’s do it.

Hoff: Alright, we’ve got two triggers.

Jason: Yep.

Hoff: Of course you’re not gonna be able to fire both at the same time, are you?

Jason: Sure you can.

Hoff: Ha! Now you know we were gonna get asked that question, right?

Jason: We’re gonna give that a shot too, literally.

Hoff: Yes sir. Let’s get it done.

Jason: Alright.

Hoff: Let’s load ‘er up.

Jason: Alright. Smoothbore shotgun on the top. I’m assuming the first trigger is gonna be the shotgun. There’s your safety right there.

Hoff: Ok, ok, we’re gonna find out.

Jason: Alright. I’m gonna shoot at the, uh, the brick right there.

Hoff: Ok. With bird shot?

Jason: Yeah. It won’t do anything, really, with bird shot, I don’t think.

Hoff: Nah.

Jason: Let’s just see.


Jason: Alright, that was the first trigger, and that was the shotgun. Now let’s see what the bottom one does.

Hoff: Alright. [pow] Ha ha ha! Nice little hole there. Let’s see if I can zoom in.

Jason: And it is a, uh, extractor rather than an ejector, so you’re gonna have to pull those out.

Hoff: Nice little hole there, buddy.

Jason: Bird shot, look at that, there’s some lead from the bird shot.

Hoff: [laughter] Ah did we go through it?

Jason: Nope!

Hoff: OK. Yeah, yeah, let’s try this again. Lookit that nasty zombie. We’re gonna have to put him down, I think. Yup, he’s gotta go.

Jason: Alright, same cinderblock, this time we’re gonna see what happens if we pull both the triggers at the same time.

Hoff: Haha! Feelin’ Froggy, huh?

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: Ok! Alright. Aight let me just zoom in on that block, hold on one second. Ok.

Jason: Ready? One, two- [Blam]

Hoff: Here we go. That’s got a wall in it too, eh? (?)

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: We’re ready to rock-n-roll here. Alright, read you’re dead. I like that. Ok. Let’s go -ah- for a bowling pin. How’s that?

Jason: Ok.

Hoff: Alright. First trigger.

Jason: First trigger’s the shotgun and then the rifle.

Hoff: Yes sir. [Blam] Ho yeah. Ok, ah let me go for the second one with the 7.62×39. [Blam] Yessir. Yeah it’d be nice if it did have an extractor, but I can live with that, you know?

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: Alright, let me try that again here. It really shoots pretty good doesn’t it?

Jason: Yeah. It’s well-made.

Hoff: It is. And when did they stop importing these, do we know?

Jason: Huuhhh we do not know. We’ll try to find some more information. If you guys know, I know it’s been at least– I can’t remember what the guy said at the show, but uh, I think it had something to do with the executive action.

Hoff: Yeah [laughs] Ok. One thing I did notice, when you break it open, it goes back, it puts itself back on safety every time.

Jason: Oh that’s cool.

Hoff: That’s a good feature. You can just flip it up and you can see your red dot here. That’s the first itme I’ve ever seen that on a shotgun, you know, a rifle combination. Alright, let’s shoot it again here, and I’m gonna try to put that zombie down, too. Alright, we’re on fire. Go for that top bowling pin. [Blam] Alright. Zombie, you’re outta here, headshot. [Blam] Yup. I keep wanting to shoot ’em out at you. [laugh] It’s a habit, you know.

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: Alright. One more time.

Jason: Yeah, you don’t spend a lot of ammo either.

Hoff: Well I’m glad I didn’t let you get this one from me, you know.

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: You don’t- you don’t run through a bunch of ammo, do you.

Jason: No. you don’t.

Hoff: Ok. You ready?

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: Oh let’s see here… ok. The black bowling pin. [blam]

Jason: Oooh.

Hoff: That’s a good shot right there.

Jason: Yeah!

Hoff: Alright. Zombie again. Center chest. [Blam] Maybe about the collar bone.

Jason: Fancy recoil pad.

Hoff: It is, isn’t it. Feels good on your shoulder, let’s see. Closer.

Jason: And a lot of the–

Hoff: It is fancy.

Jason: Yeah, some grapes or somethin’.

Hoff: I did that.

Jason: Did you do that?

Hoff: Yeah!

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: Alright. Let’s rank some steel.

Jason: Alright.

Hoff: I wanna hear that gong.

Jason: We have a couple 7.62s left, so let’s just see what we got here.

Hoff: Alright. [Blam-Ting]

Jason: Oh yeah.

Hoff: Alright I’m gonna zoom in on the gong this time.

Jason: Alright. That’s so weird, shooting that particular round out of a single-shot shotgun. [Blam] Maybe I should aim.

Hoff: You know you hit it.

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: My god look at all the zombies around here.

Jason: I’m gonna put this last one right on the last– previous one. [Blam]

Hoff: Looks good, buddy. Last one was right in the center.

Jason: Yeah. Cool.

Hoff: Cool deal for sure.

Jason: That’s a hard case, too. Er, hard primer on those. Those rounds.

Hoff: Yep. I think this is how you’re supposed to do it, right?

Jason: Yeah.

Hoff: [laughter] Alright. I’ve got my good buddy Rubber Dummy here with the W on him, and I think I’ve figured out what that stands for. You know. Got to be wolves, instead of sheep. So he’s got to fight against gun control always support the NRA. Alright, I hope you enjoyed this video, if you did please like, favorite, and subscribe. If we can find any information on this one we’re gonna list it underneath the video, please like me on facebook and twitter, check me out on Instagram, and what else?

Jason: I dunno.

Hoff: and if you want a rubber dummy, check me out on Check them out, they’ll ship you a rubber dummy. They’re great, you can shoot them four or five thousand times. Treat ’em right, you know. Always treat my dumies right anyway. Yeah. I love my dummies. Alright guys, remember as always: BigDaddy loves ya. Ooh-ra.

Sources: BigDaddyHoffman1911 youtube