AR-Style Shotgun with an Attitude

Box fed 12-gauge shotgun is the rage right now on social media. But box fed shotguns at the world’s largest maker of 1911’s is a different thing.
Youtuber Legally Armed America had a chance to be the first gun channels to receive one of the VR60’s from Rock Island Amory and it looks like they had a blast!
Rock Island Armory are famously known for their 1911. But in this case they came out with an AR-style, box fed 12-gauge shotgun.

Rock Island didn’t just think of making one but listened to their customers. Most customers wanted this in a AR platform as a tactical personal defense shotgun.
All the features are where it needs to be to make this AR shotgun functional but dummy down making it very easy to operate. Here are some of those features:
-Charging handle is an external handle (big size, inverted) well placed on the side making it easier to use while under pressure.
-Sights are similar to the standard AR fixed sights.
-Grips have an ergo type grip feel.
-Accessory rail offers you to custom with vertical handle, lights, lasers and grenade launchers (joke).
Though the box fed only holds 5 rounds, most home defenders can tell you reloading another 5 rounds only takes a second.
Lets not forget this tactical shotgun can also be used for hunting as well.
What is surprising is that this awesome tactical shotgun from Rock Island goes for $489. Who wants to get some?