9mm Kalashnikov – The Chiappa AK-9 Pistol

The Chiappa AK-9 (or PAK-9) 9mm AK-based pistol is not a new announcement, but at $425 MSRP on the market, it certainly deserves a look at.

One of the AK-9’s biggest selling points, besides the price, is the optional magazine well adapter that allows the use of Glock 17/19/26 mags. The adapter is sold through online retailers for about $30.

Although the pistol itself is being imported into the U.S, by Chiappa, the gun itself is reported to be made by the Cugir Arms Factory in Romania. Cugir, who also manufactures the popular semiautomatic AKM WASR rifle, falls under the state-owned ROMARMS defense company headquartered in Bucharest, Romania.

Some initial internet reviews complained of failures to feed, but like anything in this world, seeing is believing or just take it for a spin first hand.


Chiappa Firearms harnesses the fun and functionality of the legendary AK rifle in the form of an easy to shoot 9mm pistol the PAK-9 respectively. It have the look and feel of the original but use more readily available and easier to shoot ammunition. Made from steel with exceptional fit and finish, uses standard AK furniture and comes with two 10 round magazines. The PAK-9 Pistol features an interchangeable magazine adapter (sold separately) that allows you to convert from Beretta® style to Glock® style magazines easily and without tools.

MODEL: AK-9 Pistol
ACTION: Semi-Auto
STOCK/FRAME: Alloy Frame
STOCK/GRIPS: Black Polymer Pistol Grip
WEIGHT: 6.1 lbs.
BARREL: 6.3″
SIGHTS: Fixed Rear/Adjustable Front
SAFETY: Standard AK Trigger Block
ADDL INFO: Blow Back System
ADDL INFO: Beretta 92 Style Magazine

Excerpt from “The Firearm Blog” – they ran this 9mm Chiappa AK with Freedom munitions, 124 grain loaded with FMJs. Their accuracy testing was at 10 yards with Aguila which had great grouping. Steel plates were also shot at with good results. Apart from the accuracy, actually shooting the Chiappa was very simple, placing the sights on target much simpler compared to a standard handgun. However while in rapid fire, whatever hand is holding the pistol grip becomes fatigued very quickly, especially in the web of the hand.

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