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With the recent jump in concealed carry permit requests across the country, more women than ever are purchasing guns.  A

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Holland’s Lightning Strike Fire Starter!       The world’s best firestarter has arrived!This self-contained unit is all you need in your

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Hevi Shot has a well earned reputation of innovative non-toxic shotgun ammo that just plain flattens game birds.  Western Shooting

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All Things Tactical had the great pleasure of visiting the manufacturing facilities of Multi Holsters ( multiholsters.com) located in Plymouth,

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I own multiple bags that have the option of carrying a concealed handgun inside. Most of the time it is

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Most people don’t realize you can’t live more than three days without water. This could be a serious problem if

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Portland, OR – It’s being called one of the truly unique inventions of our time. An oven that uses NO

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