12 Gauge vs 20 Gauge

Which is the Better?

Everyone loves shotguns whether its for hunting or home defense, shotgun usually comes up first as the most preferred to have. Then, theres the talk of either having a 12 gauge or a 20 gauge, which is the better?

Probably the best answer will always be that “depends”. The 12 gauge will have more kick than the 20 gauge. To some folks they don’t mind or like the harder recoil. Here’s some basic info on both shotguns here.

12 Gauge

For hunters that prefer the larger shot size (4 shot) and heavier loads, go with the Mossberg 500 12 gauge. Good for the gobblers and turkeys that don’t move as fast as ducks.
There are some hunters that shoot with buckshot loads for the longer ranges. Then there are those that hunt small game like rabbits and squirrels with a 12 gauge. But, you may ruin the meat, sort of an overkill.
For home defense, the 12 gauge has proven itself in the law enforcement and military field.

20 Gauge

The 20 gauge is becoming more popular of the two, due to its versatility. The younger generation and new hunters seems to take to the 20 gauge because its a lighter gun. The shotgun shells are a little smaller, lighter and shoots higher density which is good for the quicker birds.

Some hunters like the 20 gauge because theres more room for error when you shoot a turkey with less steel shots. Whats common is hunters prefer to get in close to get their wild game for a higher percentage kill.

The 20 gauge is also good for the home defender as well. Contrary to popular belief, not all law enforcement officers use a 12 gauge for their shotgun. There are some toting a 20 gauge, its lightweight and semi-auto is necessary for real life danger situations. Using it for home defense is just the same and maneuverable.

Both of these shotguns are capable of what you want to do with it. Can pattern it at different distances for hunting or target shooting.
When it comes to cost the 20 gauge shell is less expensive than the 12 gauge shells. The 20 gauge is the better choice for target practice because of the less recoil. In the end, the choice is yours take one out and give it a run. Stay Safe!

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