Bullet Cam from Vortex Hornady

Imagine being able to see your bullet hitting the target as it hits its target or maybe go off by a minute.

Vortex and Hornady released a video of a new “bullet-cam” and it had many talking, whether they believed it or not.
Some new technology that would hypothetically change the hunting and filming game forever from Vortex and Hornady took the outdoor world by storm recently.
News like this would change the industry…if only it were true, lol.
Yes! April Fool!

An epic April Fool’s prank cooked up an incredibly cool product, outstanding visuals and dialogue, and some cool acting from employees.
Vortex and Hornady released the video that would seem to be a legit product launch with the production quality and subsequent buzz.

But, putting a camera on a bullet is virtually impossible, and some people on social media knew exactly what was going on. But some didn’t, and it was very funny.

If you saw it on the internet, its gotta be true. Right?


Watch how awesome this prank video turned out.
Conversation on FB

Video Transcription
Ian: Here at Vortex Optics, we strive to push the boundaries of the Sport Optics community. From high-powered binoculars to precision optic scopes, so that our customers can see clearly from all vantage points. When it comes to bullet impact, though, shooters have had to rely on traditional optics to determine accuracy from long distances. We were determined to provide an additional point of view, to improve precision and overall performance. With our expertise in research and development of optics, we reached out to Hornady to collaborate on a new product encompassing action-camera technology that before now was impossible to achieve. We are proud to anounce the revolutionary Vortex Hornady Bullet Cam.

When the guys at Vortex came to us with this idea, honestly, we thought they were crazy. But we decided to take a look at their data, and they were definitely onto something, so we immediately started on a prototype. When it comes to optical system design, accuracy and precision are absolutely essential. One of our initial concerns was flight path, and that the mass of our optical system had to be absolutely centered. After considerable testing and re-testing, we developed the brand-new G10-Drag model, which streamlines the trajectory for this new profile. In addition, we redesigned the propellant burn characteristics, as well as its densities. We’re confident, with or without the camera, this bullet technology is going to start a trend throughout the shooting community.

Operating a bullet-cam is incredibly intuitive. And it’s fun to use. After sinking a bullet with the VTXM, hit record, load the round as you usually would, and shoot. The live feed streams right to your device for instant viewing. Once the bullet cam hits a target, recording stops, and your clip is uploaded to the VTX cloud.

You can review your trajectory, even slowing it down frame by frame, so that you can see the impact, make a correction if necessary, or confirm your kill. With access to the VTX cloud from anywhere, you can share all your shots directly on your social media profiles. At only $99.99 for a box of ten, bullet-cam is completely affordable, and will make you a true pro.

Our goal at Vortex Optics is for shooters to have the most advanced tools in the industry to achieve the most accurate shots. And with this bullet, you’ll always know if you were way off, or dead-on. With the Vortex-Hornady bullet-cam, the force of Optics just got more forceful.

Sources: Vortex, Hornady

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