Vet-, Family-Owned Bigg Dogg Firearms Aims To Be Your Weapons, Preparedness Retailer


Bigg Dogg Firearms was established in Issaquah, Washington, USA in 2012 and opened their first store front in nearby North Bend.


In 2013, Bigg Dogg Firearms is a veteran-owned, family-operated retailer that makes it their goal to be your premier weapons, archery, emergency preparedness and tactical accessories retailer for civilians and law enforcement personnel.


We carry a wide variety of rifles, handguns, Bear Archery, Wise Emergency Foods, AR accessories, SOL Emergency Products, Catoma Lightweight Tents, Condor Outdoor Tactical  Clothing and accessories, Carbon Express and Bloodsport Arrows.

We offer a full bowsmithing shop and gun repair.

We feel that if you come and visit us, our level of customer service will keep you coming back.


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