Universal Shield for Tactical Use

Point man on a tactical team in the military or Law Enforcement SWAT teams are usually assigned the “shield”. This lucky person has the extraordinary fun time to lug around a 20 pound Kevlar and peep through the small windows just to shoot one handed with their pistol. Though the shield has multiple purpose, it is a very clunky thing to use.
But, not bad as a bullet sponger, again as the person carrying one its a bitch if you’re taking some rounds.
Its a good thing that manufacturers are always thinking to innovate to help make things a little easier for the user.
Enter this tactical shield, it has an odd shape with a lot of cut outs. It appears that the cut outs are designed based on how one manipulates the shield with a weapon. The cut outs allow a weapon to be supported by the shield.
Watching this demo video is sorta comical but its second best (please excuse the “Inspector Clouseau” in the video) to give you an idea on how you can manipulate your pistol and shield.
Personally having experienced using a shield before, it sucks carrying one, not because it was heavy but its very clunky to work with. With all the clunky things set aside, the shield does serve its purpose depending on the situation that its used for.

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