Single shot .45-70 Rifle takes down Hog

Here’s Youtuber Mark Schutzius taking down a running hog with his single shot, .45-70 rifle. Looks like he was sporting a “Trapdoor Springfield”.

This heavy slug was developed at the U.S. Army’s Springfield Armory for use in the Springfield Model 1873, which is known to collectors as the “trapdoor Springfield”.
According to gun historians the caliber accuracy was approximately at 4 inches (100 mm) at 100 yards. Because this was a heavy bullet its trajectory was an arc.
Obviously, this didn’t stop this Youtuber Mark Schutzius to put his single-shot .45-70 to put down this hog. Take a look.

That’s great shooting at a moving object (hog) with only one shot.

Sources: Mark Schutzius Youtube, Wikipedia