Colonel Blades
ColonelBlades is your ideal EDC fixed blade. It’s the blade made for shooters. It carries like a gun, conceals like a gun, but doesn’t jam or run out of ammo. The ColonelBlades LowVz is a blade you use today and every day with no new training needed, it uses the skills you already have. Don’t leave home without it. Available at and BravoCompanyUSA.


Exquisite Knives
For the finest in custom knives, look no further than Specializing in Bob Loveless Knives, they have one of the world’s largest selections on hand for immediate delivery. For your consideration, they have what they consider two of the finest pieces to ever leave the Loveless shop. Amber Stag Mini Wilderness (top, in photo), you do not get any better or rarer. The bottom knife is the famous New York Special with exhibition grade Samber Stag and Amber Scales.
Let Exquisite fulfill your wildest dreams with the best custom knives with makers such as Loveless, Moran, Lake, Walker and too many more to mention.


Kershaw Knives – Booth #14223
With the razor-sharp Deadline knife, cutting tasks will get done quickly and efficiently. Best of all, this Kershaw is packed with special features that help it stand out. Opening the knife is extremely easy with Kershaw’s KVT ball-bearing system, complete with the new Tuned Detent System (TDS). The TDS feature allows Kershaw craftsmen to “fine tune” the detent so that it’s more comfortable than ever to open — not too heavy and not too light. On the appearance side, you’ll be getting an attractive, two-toned finish on both the blade and the handle. It’s safe to say that the Deadline brings out the best of both form and function.


Ontario Knife Company Booth #20305
The Hunt Plus camp knife is the latest in OKC’s award winning Hunt Plus line. Designed to be the workhorse of any campsite, the knife takes inspiration from survival, kitchen, and combat knives to create a low-cost, “Made in the USA” masterpiece. The knife features OKC’s patented Hunt Plus/Spec Plus Alpha tool handle, a textured, ergonomic design that is injection molded around a skeleton tang to keep the handle from becoming loose from the knife or your hand. The Camp Knife is backed by OKC’s famous lifetime warranty and has an MSRP of $44.95.

VZ Grips – Booth #2243
VZ Daggers are also machined out of a solid piece of proprietary G10 or Carbon Fiber. They are non-electrically conductive and don’t throw a magnetic or metal signature should you need to fly under the radar with it or utilize it as a tool in electrical situations. Non-slip texturing keeps the dagger or tool securely in your hand in any situation you may be using them for.