Shooting a 1911 Pistol wrapped with Rubber Bands

1911 enthusiasts tend to feel strongly about their pistol. Will the Ruger SR1911 pass the rubber band test?

What is the rubber band test you say?
Wrapping multiple rubber bands over the slide of the pistol tests the functioning operation, such as the cycling, firing and ejecting a round.

As concealed carry permits have grown in numbers, the question still remains: what exactly is the best self-defense firearm? Most permit holders look for a firearm that is reliable, has an immense amount of stopping power, and is quickly drawn. So this brings us to the question of the 1911.

In this video, YouTuber MattV2099 puts the classic Ruger SR1911 through the rubber band test with the goal wrapping the gun until it is effectively disabled. So how many rubber bands does it take to disable the 1911?

Dedicated to Larry Vickers and Vickers Tactical, this video is an informative and safely-executed experiment that deals with putting the favorite 1911 through the disabling rubber band test.

Finally, at 33 rubber bands, the Ruger SR1911 is disabled due to a failure to extract. However, MattV2099 makes an interesting point in saying that he only used even numbers on the gun. Would that mean that it was really 34 rubber bands that stopped the unstoppable? We’ll never know.

MattV2099 gives us his opinion: the 1911 is just the best gun on planet Earth in terms of reliability, effectiveness, and stopping power. Even better than the Glock.
It should go without saying, though, that trying to disable a 1911 is best left to professionals and not for those of us with garages.

Sources: MattV2099 Youtube, Shannon Ratliff, Vickers Tactical