See the number of Drywall it takes to stop a .22LR bullet

[su_heading size=”30″]You won’t believe how many Drywall this one .22LR round can go through[/su_heading]

The 22Plinster demonstrates how many pieces of drywall a .22LR can go through using a Henry Lever Action rifle and a S&W M&P 22. Did you think it would go through that many?


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Hey guys, 22 Plinkster here. I get a lot of questions regarding the 22 longrifle for self-defense. people ask me, “well what 22 longrifle bullets should I use, should I use a Velocitor or a Stinger or a mini-mag” so on and so forth “Because I want to use it for self-defense”. Well that’s a totally different video subject that I want to be doing in the future, but this right here, this [sic]layers of drywall will simulate six interior walls of your house. So just in case you did have to use a 22 longrifle for self-defense, I’m curious: How many interior walls would it go through? Now all these are specs, there’s a 2×4 between each layer of drywall, this is half-inch drywall. So I’m gonna be using first the Henry– actually it’s gonna be the second shot, gonna be using the Henry this is their new EvilRoy, This is a pretty cool little rifle. I’m gonna be shooting some CCI stingers, and I’m also gonna be using some CCI Velicitors. Now, I’m also gonna be shooting it with a pistola. This is the Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact, so I’m gonna put two rounds at the top of the drywall here to see how many layers they go through with the pistol first, and one with the Velocitors and one with the Stingers, then I’m gonna shoot it with the Rifle a little bit below it.

So best-case scenario: How many layers of drywall will a 22 go through? Because you never know, some people do use the 22 longrifle for self-defense, and if you do miss, how many walls would it go through? Let’s find out.

[intro music]

Alright, first off, the CCI Velocitor. I’m gonna aim for the upper left-hand corner, and the second shot’s gonna be the CCI Stinger.

[gunshot] Kay there’s one. [gunshot] ok there’s two.

Now I’m shooting it suppressed, so it wasn’t very loud, but it’s a little SilencerCo Barrel. Alright. Let me grab the rifle, and let’s see what the rifle will do.

Alright we tested it with the pistol. Now let’s see what a rifle can do. Now this is the Henry EvilRoy again, so I’m gonna be aiming the first shot the Velocitor on the left-hand side -the bottom-left-hand side- and the second shot bottom-right-hand side with the stinger, so here we go. [Bang] Whoo! That’s a lot more pop. Alright, let’s shoot at the stinger. [Bang] Alright. I’m curious to see what happened. Let’s go take a look.

Alright, this is pretty interesting results. Me and my cameraman were talking between the shots, and he’s like ‘you know we had to guess that we would go through four walls at the most, but this is pretty impressive.’ So the first two shots, this one over here, the upper left-hand corner, this was from out of the pistol using the CCI Velocitors, and this one’s out of the Stinger. They went through- the Stinger went through all but two. It did not go into here. And the Velocitor deflected off of the fourth one from the back and went on. So it actually went through out of a pistol, the CCI stinger went through one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. It went through nine, and bounced off of number ten. So, that is pretty impressive.

Now out of the rifle, down here, the bottom row, the CCI Velocitor went all the way through this one and bounced off the last one, the number twelve. So that was, that was out of the velocitor. That’s a forty-grain bullet, remember. Now, out of the Stinger, it only went through– it actually stuck in this last board. I’m gonna be showing some B-roll right about now, but it stuck in number eleven. So I was thoroughly surprised that it went through as many as it did. I was thinking four, maybe five tops, but this is equivalent to– it went through five walls and into the sixth wall. So if you were shooting in your house, and you had half-inch drywall, it would go through five walls. Now, that’s pretty scary that a 22 longrifle can do that. So I was looking at the ground, here’s one of the CCI Stingers that I found that bounced off of this one, and another one, and I’m gonna be showing you here in a B-roll right about now, but it went through one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. It went through nine and stuck– and just landed right here on the board, so. Wow! That is pretty amazing. That shows you the power and the speed of a 22 longrifle.

Guys thank you very much for watching. So until next time, Y’all be safe, and keep plinking.

Source: 22Plinster Youtube

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