GWRAPS – Gulla Weapon Retention & Positional Shooting

GWRAPS was coined by Sgt. Don Gulla of King Co. Deputy Sheriffs Dept of WA as Gulla Weapon Retention and Positional Shooting. This method is also called “brace contact” in certain tactical groups. The original concept is still hazy but was originally dubbed by the British SAS.

Don Gulla has patented the GWRAPS term and method that is being taught through his ARRESTLING organizaiton to law enforcement officers in WA and surrounding states.

Holding the pistol at the slide and handle will allow you to gain more control and leverage to throw elbow and smash strikes. From this position one round can be fire then pull slide back to chamber another round.

The point of this technique was that it was a last desperate technique when someone else has a hand on your pistol. By grabbing at these position described above you will now have the leverage to regain the weapon possession.

What Don had implemented into the training when encountered at this close range, is to draw and quickly grab the pistol in this manner. Due to the close encounter with the bad guy there will be a struggle to gain the advantage.

With the GWRAPS position you can defend or shoot at close quarter, which you will see in the video below.

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