ClipDraw Review

Clipdraw a good fit for Concealing your Handgun – Best All Purpose Holster?

What kind of IWB or OWB holster do you use? Are you always on the go? Do you carry your pistol while mowing the lawn?, but you don’t feel the need to get all dress up in your 5.11 tactical pants.
Then, you may have heard of the Clipdraw holster, but its really not a holster. Just like the name implies, a clip that’s attached to your pistol. Clipdraw can be attached to a full size pistol (1911) or a pocket pistol.

Quick History
Clipdraw truly embodies the spirit of the American dream: a successful family-run business built upon ingenuity and hard work, and that 25 years later continues to expand its oerings of US-made, warranty-backed products to fill their customers’ needs. It all started back in 1995, when family patriarch John Rugh, frustrated with the available concealed-carry products on the market, took matters into his own hands.

Nitty Gritty
Clipdraw is a re-positionable clip that you can attach directly to your belt or inside a pocket – was invented as an easier, more comfortable alternative to inside-the-waistband holsters. “One of the biggest complaints about a traditional IWB holster is that you cannot find a comfortable way to wear one!” says Chris Rugh, John’s son and now the company’s owner/operator.

“With the Clipdraw, you completely eliminate all the cumbersome bulkiness associated with a traditional holster. By cutting down the bulk and weight of your carry, you can wear whatever clothes you’d like, with or without a belt – with no ‘printing’ of the gun through your clothes.” Rugh adds, “Our products are popular with LEOs, military and licensed citizens. Women especially have been a growing portion of our customer base, as the Clipdraw allows women to carry concealed even when wearing tight clothes.”
The first Clipdraw was designed for the Model 1911, and the line was eventually expanded to include firearms from manufacturers such as Glock, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Springfield, among many others.

“We are constantly expanding our lineup of Clipdraw oerings as the firearms market bears,” explains Rugh. “We pride ourselves on following market trends and oering our products for the most popular guns that hit the market.”
And if for some reason you don’t see your favorite firearm in their product lineup, they oer the Universal Clipdraw, designed to fit all semiautos and revolvers. “Our customers like the simplicity, yet 100-percent eectiveness of our products,” says Rugh. “Our Clipdraw is a straightforward concept and idea, which the product delivers on fully. If a potential customer likes the concept of minimalist concealed carry, our Clipdraw will deliver for them.”

You can even leave the Clipdraw attached to the pistol and holster it with your own IWB or OWB system. Some holsters will fit some won’t, you’ll have to play with the type of pistol that you have.

The Clipdraw can be mounted on either the left or right side, and is designed to be slim and secure for your comfort.
A quick word on safety, The naysayer will tell you its not a safe way to carry a loaded pistol. True, especially when the trigger is light. So, don’t carry a pistol with one in the pipe.

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Clipdraw on Different Type of Pistols
G43 with Clipdraw
Glock Clipdraw – The Glock version attaches quickly via a rear plate replacement. The rear slide plate on the Glock is plastic, however the Clipdraw slide plate version is billet aluminum and becomes the host screwplate. Swap out the plate, bolt on the clip, and thats it.

The placement of the clip does not obstruct spent casing ejection, but it does cover the right side of the slide. The clip is very tight on the Glock model compared to the others, which is a plus during a more active situations. Will this replace your other holster system? No need to, this is not to replace your favorite IWB system. But, you might find that you’ll carry the Clipdraw more often.

1911 with Clipdraw
1911 Clipdraw – If you’re the 1911 folks then ClipDraw is a breeze to attach — just remove your right-hand grip panel, drop on the Clipdraw unit, and reattach the grips. Pretty simple. I was amaze to see how easily one can carry a 1911 like the Ruger SR1911. I probably would not choose to carry it in this way on an outing, but it does make it super easy to slip it into your pants to check out a bump in the night, or to run to the stop-n-rob store…etc.

Ruger LCR with Clipdraw
Revolver Clipdraw – If you carry Ruger LCR .357, then attach the Clipdraw system to it. You’ll find that the design of the clip has enough room behind the clip that you can make it work as a tuckable/shirt-in concealment option. This is hands down the best upgrade for a Ruger LCR, and if you happen to have another brand, the Universal Model will fit just about any small frame revolver out there including Taurus, S&W, Ruger, and others. (possibly the J-frames) The clip looks small, but it is very effective because it places the revolver deeper than any of the other Clipdraws.

Sig P365 clipdraw
Sig P365 – Gotta say something about the micro 9s, pocket size 9s are the rage for discreet carry and concealment. Obviously, their mag can hold 10 +1. Being this small with the Clipdraw you can clip not just in your pocket, but inside your bug out or handbag.

The Clipdraw, designed as an alternative to bulky inside-the-waistband holsters, is a repositionable clip that you can attach directly to your belt or waistband.
Last ClipDraw thoughts
The purpose of the Clipdraw is pure and simply to provide a convenient carry system which can easily morph to your lifestyle and promote concealed carry more… after all, the super cool custom gun isn’t helpful in a life threatening situation if you’re not packing it.

On guns which will be in and out of your waistband multiple times a day, in and out of cars, or used for short jaunts to the store, in shorts, jeans, or a skirt, the Clipdraw is an exceptional option and has a preferred quick carry option.
If you are armed to the teeth at home, RV’s or wherever, Clipdraws provides a quick attaching option to carry and use the gun more than you would normally, and the clip can be detached in a under a minute by just removing the grip screws.

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