Best Budget AR-15 Lower Receivers

With holidays coming and going, and with tax season beginning to loom near, budgets are all the rage! The
need to budget has increased over the last few years, and budgeting does not exclude things like rifles, AR-
15’s, or lower receivers. A lower receiver is the part of a gun that is considered a gun by federal law.

It is the piece of the firearm that holds the trigger and the hammer, and it has a place for a magazine to be
loaded. What are the best budget AR-15 lower receivers? Where can you find them? Here are five options for
you that have excellent quality and will not make your budget suffer.
There are varying types of lower receivers, made in different ways. Those types are called the 6061-T6, 7071-
T6, cast aluminum, billet aluminum, and forged aluminum. Each type of lower receiver has its own set of
positive and negative qualities. Each type will withstand the demands of firing a rifle.
Some types will have higher points in strength and others will have a higher resistance to corrosion. Cast
aluminum lower receivers are the weakest form of receivers, and forged aluminum is the best one to have
for a heavy-duty AR-15 that you plan to use quite frequently.
It is your freedom and choice to decide what type of lower receiver you like best and what will work for you.

Anderson Manufacturing

If you need a stripped lower receiver, then you will have no problem getting one from Anderson
Manufacturing for only $49. If you want a complete lower receiver, it will be about $120 from Anderson
Manufacturing. They are both made from the 7071-T6 aluminum.
While this is not made for a heavily used AR-15’s, it is a good middle of the road lower receiver that can easily
be replaced. If you are new to creating your own custom AR-15, this may be the best route to take for a lower
receiver, as it is easily fixed and easily replaced.
Do not let the price fool you. Even though Anderson Manufacturing lower receivers are on the low end of the
price spectrum, they are still well worth the investment and will last you a while.
You will want to begin here if you are new to customizing your AR-15 or if you need a cheap back up to keep
on hand. They are typically widely available and are easy to get ahold of if you need to quickly build a custom
rifle, or if you need to replace the lower on your current one.

Aero Precision

Aero Precision looks a little fancier than Anderson Manufacturing, but it is also made from 7071-T6
aluminum. If you want to have your rifle look like it costs more than it does and if you want it to look
streamlined, then you can also put the Aero Precision upper receiver on your rifle. With the lowest price
being about $90, it is more expensive, but it has the sleek look you may be looking for.
They are manufactured at Ballistic Advantage, and they have been reviewed as being some of the best
stripped lower receivers you can buy. Hard to believe they are the best at such a reasonable price? Order one
today for your custom model and see how well it works for you and your setup.
Aero Precision is also a reasonable enough price that you can have an extra lower receiver on hand in case of
emergency without breaking the bank. You will be able to find Aero Precision readily available most of the
time at most gun supply stores (online or brick and mortar).

2A Arms Balios Lite

The 2A Arms Balios Lite is an expensive piece of equipment, ringing in at close to $300. They also give you the
option of having an upper and lower receiver combination for another $200. This is one of the only
combinations available that is in the lower price range, making the 2A Arms a unique set. If you are looking to
upgrade your rifle or want to build a more advanced one, this set is what you are looking for.
While it may seem like an expensive option compared to the first two picks in this list, it is still on the lower
side of the spectrum for lower receivers. Do not let this fact fool you, as the 2A Arms Balios Lite has many
options for compatibility. You can choose any build you want, and this lower will work with it.


This lower is in a higher price range because it has a few extra bells and whistles that are not normally note-
worthy on budget AR-15 lower receivers. Coming in at 6.5 ounces, the 2A Arms is lightweight, making it easy
to add with any build you want without weighing yourself down.
If you look at the front of this design, it is contoured, making it easy to grip in high-pressure situations. It has
a built-in trigger guard to help protect you and any other user from accidentally firing the weapon. It also has
an angled magazine (with flared magazines made specifically for this model), which prepares you to make
faster reload times.
The downside to this brand is that it is often on backorder, and it may take a while for you to get it shipped to
you. It is worth the investment of time and money, though, if you are looking for a budget lower receiver that
will not only fulfill your needs but exceed your expectations. All without forcing you into debt!
If you are new to the world of custom rifle building, or if you just want to save a dollar, these are the best
three lower receivers to get while keeping your money in mind. They are easy to obtain, easy on the eyes,
and easy on the wallet.
Do not let stereotypes of “cheap” ruin your view of these options. They are high quality without all the extra
nonsense that often drives up prices.