Taking apart your AR-15

Here’s how to take apart the AR-15:

  1. Safety is paramount, be sure that the AR is on safe and check the ejection port is clear from obstruction and ride the bolt forward.
  2. Slide the take down pin out near the rear of the lower receiver until it is sticking all the way out of the right side of the receiver.
  3. Rotate the upper receiver forward and lift it free of the lower receiver.
  4. Slide the bolt carrier group free from the upper receiver. The charging handle will slip right out as well.
  5. Remove the buffer tube and spring from the buttstock

ar-15 disassembly

I remember learning how to take down my AR-15 back in boot camp, but back then it was the M-16A1. (not giving away my age) Giving clear instructions was a priority for the instructors as they had to process over hundreds of us new recruits per week basis.

I realize many of you folks know how to do this, but there is a small percentage out there that don’t know how to do this. This is the brief instructions on taking aprt your AR, which is the same for the predecessors M-16 A series.

For the complete disassembling of all parts on the AR’s (M-16) for cleaning and function check, see the sources below.

ARMY TIM 9-1005-249-23
AR15 Forum

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