Shoot with both Eyes Open

Shotgun coach Nick Penn states much of common shooting wisdom is incorrect. He helps shooters “shoot straight” with both eyes open.

According to U.K. shooting coach Nick Penn, half of the people who take shotgun shooting lessons are wasting their money. Why? He says it’s because they’re told to shoot with one eye shut. Penn maintains that shooting with both eyes open is essential.

But there’s more to it than that, Penn says. You should go by feel—more than barrel or bead reference—when you pull the trigger.

He says shooting is the only sport in which the proper techniques and form haven’t been thoroughly researched.

“With shooting, no one has ever come out with a proper explanation as to how it works,” he declares. “And this is how it works.”

Throughout the video, other shooters reiterate Penn’s take on effective shooting, also denouncing commonly taught shooting techniques.

“I don’t have a barrel on my gun anymore,” laughs shooter Andrew Blackwell. “You don’t look at the barrel, you don’t look at the bead, you don’t look at the lead…you look at the bird.”

“It’s a big leap of faith to think that your eyes can tell you where the shot needs to go without using the barrel as a reference point,” instructor Paul Beecher says.

I imagine much of the success for Penn’s no-barrel-reference technique depends on a proper fit of the gun to the shooter and a little point instinctive shooting.

I don’t know about you, but I was taught to shoot with both eyes open. Perhaps it’s different in the U.K., But it’s worth reinforcing that shooting a shotgun with both eyes open will lead to more success.

Sources: Fieldsports Channel, David Smith

One man scares off 13 Armed Robbers

You read the title right, all by himself.

All the folks who believe that “nobody needs a gun to save themselves, let alone a gun that can hold more than seven bullets” need to see this CCTV footage.

That day could have been a disaster, but thankfully one man was able to protect the property and lives of many. These cowards abandoned their malicious plan as soon they saw a gun.

A lot of the details of the story are unsure, but some say it took place in Thailand. The video took place at a nursing school where the 13 men were hit men. I’m glad to see no one was hurt and they were prepared.

Long story short, never bring a knife to a gun fight and don’t be ashamed to conceal a legal weapon.

Sources: JP Channel 100, LiveLeak, Jake Hofer