Subsonic .22LR Bullet puts down Wild Hog

Putting down an aggressive hog (400 lbs) doesn’t require a heavy caliber rifle. Check out Youtuber Jim Thomas as he displays excellent markmanship while taking down a 400 pound wild hog.

What is surprising is that Jim was using a subsonic .22LR bullet. To be exact he was sporting a suppressed Ruger 10/22 rifle equipped with an ATNX-Sight for night vision. Like a seasoned hunter Jim waited for the hogs to show and loitering at the bait area.
From 50 yards away Jim spots the big hog among others that had been giving them problems on his property in the past. With great skills Jim puts a .22 round into the temple of the hog and puts it down on the spot.

This story isn’t an advertisement on Ruger 10/22, but they do make awesome 22 rifles. The main focus is on great marksmanship, so be sure to practice, be safe.



Sources: Jim Thomas Youtube

November 17th, 2017 by