The 6.8 SPC has Penetrating Power!

Are you looking for a powerful new round that can put game down quickly and can also be fired out of an AR platform? The 6.8 spc 120 grain round is what you’re looking for.

Watch GY6vids test this out impressive round out on ballistics gel and a pork shoulder. This rounds comes out of the barrel at 2500 fps, thus the results are totally impressive.

The grouping he got with this round was as impressive as the penetration on the ballistic gel. This 6.8 round went through a 20 inch gel and then another inch into the next gel which total 21 inches in penetration.

Combine that with the damage to the bone and meat of the pork shoulder and it’s a pretty safe bet the 6.8 spc would put down a deer or hog on the spot.

If you’re looking to build a new hunting rifle, it seems the 6.8 might be a round to consider!

What about you, have you tried the 6.8 spc round?, Let us know below in the comment section.

Sources: GY6vids Youtube, Travis Smola

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