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January 5th, 2017 by jhines

Make a Bang with this 45 ACP Survival Pistol

If you couldn’t afford a real pistol could you make one out of ordinary metal pipes? Obviously, yes for many of us preppers are into DIY (do it yourself) and there are lots of instructions that you can find on the internet.

The .410/45ACP pistol is a very simple design all required is a barrel fitted for either a .410 shotgun shell or a 45ACP round. The other part is the receiver that houses the plunger with the pin on the inside, this sits on top of the grip.

The grip handle is hollow which can hold a couple of 45ACP rounds or .410 shells. To shoot just screw the barrel with a round in it to the handle. Pull back on the plunger to cock the gun and squeeze the trigger.

When not in use, you can take off the barrel and now the pistol is in two parts which can be placed into your “bug out bag“. You can have as many barrels as you’d like with shells or rounds inserted when ready to go. Its definitely a poor man homemade pistol, what do you all think?, please comment below.

Please use caution and exercise all safety, if you don’t know what you’re doing then do not try this at home.

Video Transcription

Welcome everyone to another epsiode of Royal Nonesuch, today we’ve got my survival pistol, this thing is completely done, modified exactly how I want it. It comes with two barrels, and one is a 45ACP barrel, the other is a .410 shotgun barrel. So let’s just go ahead and take a couple shots with it.

Bottle on the left, 45ACP.


Ah, hit the top.

We’ll have to finish that one off. Just simply unscrew the barrel here, and we’ll swap out barrels, we’ll shoot the .410 next. So you just screw the barrel in, and go ahead and just pull this plunger back, and set it. That’s how this works. So we’ll just go ahead and finish that bottle off.


Since this is a survival pistol, I tried to design it as simply as I could. Obviously, the barrel screwing into the receiver is very simple, and also the trigger mechanism is simple, as I’ll show you in just a second here. So this thing has already been fired, so it’s safe. You just pull this plunger back, here, and you lift up the trigger, so, just like that. You can see the trigger catches in this notch here, and when you pull the trigger, it swings out of the way and fires. Really really simple and easy to use. I also wrapped the handle in paracord, and covered that with electrical tape, and then in the bottom here, actually, this handle is hollow, and I stuck a 45ACP shell inside there, along with a .410 shot shell in there. So, it’ll hold two rounds, so, all you need is just the pistol. In a survival situation, just stick it in your backpack, you have it, it breaks down very small, and you can carry two barrels if you’d like, but you just go ahead and un-tape this, and the rounds will fall out, and you can use ’em. so that’s pretty awesome.

Let’s go ahead and do some more shooting with this.

We got a 45ACP loaded up, we’re gonna go ahead and try to take out that other bottle.


Woah. That thing sprayed back all the way to here. Even without sights on this thing, it’s pretty easy to point and shoot at close ranges, but I could add some sights for some added accuracy. We hit the bottle right here on the top, and it just completely obliterated it. That’s one of the great things about the 45ACP, it’s just such a powerhouse, anything it hits it pretty much destroys. And also, there’s no need for really an extractor or anything mechanism, because the rounds just fly right out of the barrel. So that’s pretty cool, too.

Alright, let’s shoot one more .410 at that bottle down there, it’s got a little bit of drink left in it still, let’s go ahead and finish it off.


Heh, literally a hand-cannon!

Let’s go ahead and see how this .410 barrel patterns. We’re shooting some 2 1/2-inch shells out of this thing, and we’re gonna see what happens at about five yards. So let’s go ahead and give this a try. We’ll shoot the top at five yards, and then the bottom at ten yards.


Ok, let’s go take a look.

As you can see, a pretty large spread. The barrel is rifled, it’ll shoot .410 and 45 long colt, so it has to be rifled, so the shot does spread out more than it would if it was smoothbore, but at this distance you could pretty easily take a squirrel or something with it for sure. Or a rabbit.

We’re just gonna go ahead and shoot instead at three yards instead of ten, because at ten it’s just gonna spread out way too much. So this would be about the distance if you’re dispatching an animal or a snake or something, you know, this is what will happen, so, let’s see what kind of result we get.


Alright, let’s take a look.

As you can see, we’ve got maybe about a one-foot spread right here of pellets. So that is a very good killzone for this pistol. Let’s go ahead and do some more shooting with a 45ACP barrel.

We’ve got a 45ACP loaded up, this is about 15 yards, we’re going to see if we can get some hits. No sights.


Ooh. Just gonna take a couple more shots.

Let’s go ahead and see just how fast you can reload this thing. So we’re gonna go ahead and shoot, and then load the next round and see how fast we can do that. Alright, so, let’s see if we can stay on-target, too.

Here we go.

So there’s the first shot, unscrew the barrel, fling the round out, put the round in, screw it in, and cock it.


Pretty cool! Fifteen yards, it is very easy to hit the steel with it, for sure.

Thank you very much for watching, everyone. This is a really awesome pistol to shoot, hope you guys enjoyed the short overview of it, it’s gonna be in my backpacking bag any time I go on hikes or anything, because it’s just a really simple and easy-to-build little powerhouse, that’s for sure. I’ll just take one more shot with it and close this video out.


Thanks a lot for watching, everyone, I’ll see you next week.


Sources: RoyalNonsuch Youtube

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December 27th, 2016 by jhines

[su_heading size=”30″]All it takes is to Slam the pipes Together[/su_heading]

Have you seen these slamfire gun? Basically, you have a barrel that is separate from the receiver, and there is a fixed firing pin at the back end here that sets off the round whenever you push the barrel to the rear.
Some survivalist preppers have experimented by building them with steel pipes. This fella from Royal Nonsuch Youtuber have created several variations, including this one that shoots a 12 gauge shotgun shell.

One of the downside to a slam fire gun is that its basically a one shot deal. Though there have been mocks that houses a hopper similar to the ones used in paintball. This particular is used as a repeater, but not one hundred percent reliable.

A basic way to shoot a follow up shot is to just pull the pipe (barrel) out and stick another round in the front of the barrel, and then you can go ahead and fire that, and it’ll shoot the empty case out of the end of the barrel, so you don’t even have to pull that thing out. See the different variation of slam fire 12 gauge below.

[su_heading size=”30″]Video Transcription[/su_heading]

What’s up guys? Welcome to another episode of Royal Nonesuch. Today we’re going to be talking about the Slamfire 12 gauge, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about all of my different Slamfire 12 gauges, so I figured I’d just kinda cover it all in one video. So let’s get this video started.

This is the first 12 Gauge we’re going to talk about today, it’s a slamfire type gun, of course, that means it has a barrel that is separate from the receiver, and there is a fixed firing pin at the back end here that sets off the round whenever you push the barrel to the rear. It’s really simple, I’ve done a lot of videos on these, and if you want to check ’em out, you can.

One really cool thing about slamfires is that, whenever you’re shooting, you can go ahead and shoot one– I’ll show you the trick here.


Alright, you shoot one round, and then– heh, the shots just raining down– you stick –oh we don’t want to shoot buckshot– you stick another round in the front of the barrel, and then you can go ahead and fire that, and it’ll shoot the empty case out of the end of the barrel, so you don’t even have to pull that thing out. It’s pretty cool.


So, see? All gone. Just keep doing that, you know?

This is kind of a special 12 gauge, I’ll talk about it a little bit. When I was down in florida with Mark Serbu, they parkerized it for me, and it’s got this really sweet finish on it. So, really happy with it, it’s a really really cool gun, it’s my favorite out of all my slamfires right now. But now let’s talk about a couple different slamfires that I’ve built also.

This is a repeating 12gauge slamfire, I’ve got a video out on it if you want to check it out, I’ll put a link in the description, but basically it’s a self-loading 12-gauge that is a slamfire that’s fed from the hopper up here. It doesn’t really work the best, but it does work. So check that video out if you want to see that. It’s a pretty cool gun, it’s really janky, but it works.

This is another slamfire, it’s a 12gauge grappling-hook gun, and I’ve done a video on it also, it’s a really fun video, I might make another one in the future, but basically it’s a little different, it’s got a bolted-in breachblock, and it’s just– it’s probably one of my safest and strongest slamfires, and I had to make it really extra-strong because I’m shooting like, a three-pound projectile. But it shoots this grappling hook, it’s a really really fun gun to shoot. And actually, we can shoot it now if you want to see it. It’s a little rusty, but at least I can pump a round in there and show you. Can’t shoot the grappling hook today, because I have to actually make up specially-loaded rounds for that, and I haven’t made any yet, so…we’ll just have to make another video for that. But yeah, this thing is rusty as all getout. I’ll just shoot it off real quick.

Oh man. Look at that rust. I need to really clean this gun out. I might not be able to shoot this today, I dunno…


There we go. Ugh. All that rust just came out of the barrel and blew into my face. But yeah, this is a fun gun to shoot. Let’s go ahead and shoot the other slamfire, just show you what it can do.

Alright, let’s see if we can get a first-person view of this… I’ll shoot it at one of the targets down there.


There we go. Heheh.

Alright, now let’s see just how fast we can get off two shots at those shoot-steel poppers behind me.

Alright, here we go.




You can also shoot slugs and buckshot through these, so we’re gonna go ahead and take a shot at about twenty yards at the red shootsteel target, and just see how she patterns.


Hoh! That’s just the wad, it came flying back. Let’s go look at the target!

Well it looks like we patterned pretty good. Those two shots were already there, we hit right here in the top part of the target, so. Not bad for a homemade gun! It’s pretty darn good.

Another awesome thing about slamfires is, since they have a three-quarter inch pipe barrel, you can do things that you can’t do with a factory gun, so you can do things like an inception shotgun round. Shoutout to MattV2099 and all his 2099ers out there. ‘Cuz this stuff is just hecka cool. And by the way, that 20gauge is loaded. I think we might wanna just step back a little bit. Alright let’s step back.

That’s better. Alright, let’s go for the middle ShootSteel green target.

That’s pretty cool!

And look at what it does to the 20gauge shell! That’s awesome. I made a video on doing this completely throughout the video, and it’s a really cool video, you should check it out.

Well in conclusion, these are really really fun guns to shoot, they are 100% legal, I’ve gotten pulled over with these in my car and they’re all good, so, really fun guns, totally legal, they cost– this one probably cost me around $20 to make from the hrdware store, so it’s just a really simple and fun gun, anyone can make ’em with pretty basic tools, so thank you very much for watching, everyone, don’t forget to subscribe, and I will see y’all next week.


Sources: Royal Nonesuch Youtube

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