Cross Fire Rescue?

There are many “what would you do?” scenario in law enforcement. In this video not sure if this is a training exercise or a real world life threatening situation from the Far East Asia.
Scenario looks to be a hostage taking at a hospital.
The bad guy has a cleaver to a female nurse’s neck.
While a male (maybe a PO) is trying to talk to him, possibly to get him to calm down. He is shown making a call over the radio.
A second female nurse arrives with something in her left hand.
She is holding it out as to show here it is. The bad guy asks to have the bottle opened up (unscrew the cap)

The nurse hands it to him and he takes it and takes a drink.
While he is drinking the bottle, the captive nurse gets free.

During the struggle, the second nurse draws a pistol from under her garment and shoots the bad guy.

Other officers converge in to inspect the bad guy. Was it a successful hostage rescue?, Who knows?
We’ll let you be the quarterback for this piece, let us know below in the comment section.

Video cred: @jjracaza, @nico_detour

Live Fire Training

This live-fire exercise may use lethal ammo or just ‘simunition’ rounds. Now ask yourself if you’d be willing to stand in the line of fire.

In this amazing look at what many tactical training exercise groups do to simulate performing under the incredible strain of live fire and worse, possible human shields, you’ll get to see not only some great shooting, but alternately some brave men acting as warm bodies in “harms way.”

Simunition, or non-lethal training ammunition, has its place in military, law enforcement, and even civilian training, but which is it?

Watch and tell us what you think:
First of all hand it to these amazing and highly skilled pros for doing what they do best and sharing it with the rest of us.

While it’s not so easy to tell if they’re using simunition or lethal rounds, what is easy to tell is how hard they train to get that darn good!

The only way you want too meet these guys is if they’re coming to rescue you, and if they have to shove you around some to do it, by God let them.

Here’s what they’re saying about this type of training, what’s your take on this?

Sources: Glock Facebook, Craig Raleigh