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February 20th, 2018 by AmSJ Staff

Having compensators on pistols is not exactly new. Competitors have been porting pistols for a very long time. Go look at any open division pistol in USPSA or IPSC. However, since the Roland Special came out, we have seen an increasing trend in compensators for Glocks. This has led to companies like Archon Mfg to make compensators. As a fan of compensated pistols, I got the opportunity to check out their Glock compensator.

Compensating For Something

For those who have not had the pleasure of shooting a compensated pistol, You are missing out. With a good comp design, the gasses help mitigate muzzle climb and recoil.

Archon Mfg’s take on their compensator is actually different than their competitors. While many other comps do screw onto a threaded barrel, Archon’s comp does not require thread locker or set screws against the threaded barrel. Instead, they split the female threads and have two screws on either side. So all you need to do is screw the comp onto the barrel, then time it to the right position and tighten the two screws so the comp clamps onto the barrel.

One added benefit to a comp on a Glock is that now your weapon lights don’t get coated in muzzle blast residue. Most of the gasses are going out the sides and top. Very little of it is blowing down to the light.

One minor issue is what threaded barrel you use. I am using a Lone Wolf Gen5 Glock 19 threaded barrel. Some threaded barrels have different lengths.

The gap between the Glock Comp and your slide will vary due to variations in barrel length on aftermarket barrels.

This is as close as I could get the Archon comp onto the G19X with the LW barrel. Notice there is a gap and the rounded corners of the Gen 5 disrupt the look. If I used a Gen4 or lower Gen Glock, the aesthetics where the slide meets the comp would look better.

Archon Comp, It’s Not Just For Glocks

While their compensator was designed for the Glock pistol, it is not limited to just the Glocks. You can mount this compensator onto any pistol with a threaded barrel.

Beretta 92A1 with Archon Mfg Comp

Sig Sauer P938 with Archon Mfg Comp

Does It Actually Do Anything?

Archon Comp redirecting gasses

So I am a bit spoiled as my benchmark for compensated pistols is my STI Steel Master race gun. It is the flattest and softest shooting 9mm handgun I own or have ever shot. So how does the Archon Mfg compensator compare? It is not in the same league. Is the disparity just from the compensator design? I don’t think so. The STI Steel Master is a purpose-built race gun. It was designed to run compensated. Adding a compensator to a pistol does not mean it is a race gun now. Just like adding a spoiler to a car does not make it a race car. So does the Archon comp work? Yes. There is an appreciable difference with the comp than without.

Take a look at the video below. It is a side by side comparison of the Glock 19X with and without the compensator. The left side has the Archon comp and the right side does not. Both shots you can see there is still muzzle climb. However, pay close attention to the position of the 19X after the recoil. The gun is physically higher and I have to bring the gun back down on target. With the compensator, the 19X does not jump as high and is quicker to bring back on target for the next shot.


The difference is very noticeable on smaller guns like my Sig P938. I think it is because the barrel is so much shorter and there are more gasses to make the comp work better. Just like a spoiler, you need more air/gas for them to be effective. In open division pistols, shooters typically load hotter rounds just so there is more gas to act on their compensators.


Is It Perfect?

No, it is not. But it is pretty good. The best part is their split design. It was very easy to swap between guns and since there is no set screw, the threaded barrels are not messed up. The overall length of the Archon compensator is a bit long.

  • Precision machined from 7075 Billet Aluminum
  • Type III Hardcoat AnAnodizedlack
  • Weight: 0.9 oz.
  • Dimensions: W: 1.000″ L: 1.375″ H: .800″

Mounting it onto a Glock 19 gives the overall length similar to a Glock 34. I would have preferred a Glock 17 profile as holsters would be easier to find. Luckily I have my holster for my Glock 35 and this fits perfectly.

One idea I had would be to alter their design so that the compensator does not need a threaded barrel. They could get a batch of long barrels and mill a slot on either side. Similar to the KAC Hush Puppy Beretta barrel. Reposition the set screws to line up with those slots and now you have a compensator/barrel set up for states that ban threaded barrels on handguns.

The Archon Mfg Glock compensator is quite affordable at just $69.99. Check out their website for more info.

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January 25th, 2017 by jhines

Glocks are very popular handguns and top quality used by law enforcements, competitive shooters and all gun enthusiasts. Thanks to Gaston Glock for introducing this fine piece of firearm to our law enforcement agencies back in the 80’s. The Glock pistol was designed to be simple and capability was superior to the Smith & Wesson .38 cal revolvers that our LE’s were carrying back in the day. The civilian market quickly picked up on this and spread like wild fire.

With its simple blue print maybe, its why many manufacturers created their own version of this highly acclaimed “striker-fired” pistol. Here’s a few to mention, but not the complete list:

  • Sig Sauer – Vtech 320
  • Smith & Wesson – M&P 2.0
  • Remington – RP9
  • FN – FNS9
  • HK – VP9

Cool facts about Gaston Glock pistol:

  • He was not a gun designer
  • Brainstormed the design on a blank piece of paper
  • Gaston Glock did not have a gun factory
  • Magazine capacity can house 17 rounds vs the 6 in revolvers
  • Trigger pull is 5 lbs, revolvers were 12 pounds
  • Glock pistol was lighter than revolvers
  • Has no external trigger safety
  • Glock pistol has fewer parts than other comparable handguns
  • Glock parts are entirely interchangeable

For the Glock owners what have you done to customize your Glock 19? Here are some things that you can customize to make it more efficient, just a note this is recommended from the folks at Tactical Shit.

  1. Tridium Sights
  2. RedDot
  3. MatchGrade Barrel
  4. Apex Trigger
  5. CMC Trigger
  6. Extended Mag Release
  7. Magwell
  8. replace backplate
  9. replace firing pin
  10. replace safety plunger

Tell us below what are some of yours customization that you did on your Glock.

[su_heading size=”30″]Video Transcription[/su_heading]

Shotshow 2017

[Ben] This is like a nightclub.

[Guy 2] Yeah, this is *just* like a nightclub. Hey, TacticalShit comin’ at you from the Falkor booth, last day of ShotShow 2017.

[Ben] Thank god.

[Guy 2] Yeah. I can’t believe Clint let us shoot this video for the Falkor booth, ‘specially since we’re pretty much making fun of every major gun manufacturer in America and a couple in Germany. [laughter] So anyway, we uh– All through shotshow the last couple ‘a days, we’ve been workin’ on a special project, and this one is it. You’re about to see the labor of our love. It’s a tribute to hate. It’s a tribute to the hate that the followers of each major gun manufacturer have for us Glock owners. Right? The guys that carry the 19 every day. All of these companies have one thing in common, and you’re about to see what that one thing is. Keep in mind though, that this video is all in fun, and if you can’t take a joke, fuckoff.

[Ben] Go fuck yourself.

[Guy 2] Hey guys, now we’ve made it to the Sig Sauer booth, where remarkably, we’ve found the X carry 320 and the Vtech 320, which are, essentially, copies of Glocks. Striker-fired pistols.

[Ben] Yep.

[Guy 2] Right? Uh, this one’s got the Romeo1 on it, which is Sig Sauer’s optic. It’s got a shave-able, sipple-able lower receiver, forward serrations, it’s got a good match-grade barrel, but essentially, you know, it’s a copy of a Glock, with some enhancements and improvements I would say, you know. And maybe a few things that we don’t like so much. But uh, stay tuned as we go find more manufacturers that copy America’s– the world’s best handgun.

Alright, so I lost Ben for a minute, and I found the Ruger booth. Guess what? They’ve got the *American* pistol, anything else would be un-American. This is Ruger’s copy of the Glock. It’s a Striker-fired pistol made by the American company Ruger. It’s got a really thin grip, ten round magazine, not sure why they went with such a thin grip, probably would be good for little lady-man hands. but uh… ridiculous trigger, no forward serrations, it’s generally just disgusting, but…

Woo! We finally got to the Smith and Wesson booth, for the M&P 2.0, which stands for the second-generation Smith and Wesson copy of the Glock. Striker-fired pistol.

[Ben] Found another.

[Guy2] Yeah! It’s a lot like the Austrian plastic pistol in many ways. Just… Not enough.

[Ben] Not enough.

Once again, we’re out on our journey to find all the striker-fired guns that we can. Now we’ve landed ourselves at the Remington booth. With the R-51 and…

[Guy 2] Whatever this is.

[Ben] Whatever that is.

[Guy2] The uh– the RP9. The much-anticipated RP9. The one thing they got right on the RP9, unlike Smith and Wesson is: Forward serrations that actually work. Otherwise? Not so much. Remarkably glocklike trigger, it even looks like a Glock trigger. Striker-fired pistol, Remington, not to be outdone by Smith and Wesson, CZ, Sig, FN, you name it, they had to jump into the striker-fired waters. So.

[Ben] Only got one regret in my life: Trying to take apart this bastard.

[Guy2] Oh hey guys, now we’re at the FN booth, with the FNS9. FN’s copy of the Glock. Striker-fired pistol. It’s got a trigger similar– more so to the Smith&Wesson than the Glock.

[Ben] Got a little bit more of a flatter feeling.

[Guy 2] Little bit flatter serrations are nice.

[Ben] Our striker-fire journey has landed us at the HK booth where we found the VP Series. Pretty much the same style, you know, it’s their take on a Glock, but… Ambidectrous slide stops, ambidextrous mag release, Guns an FE(?) Black and Grey. They sit pretty well in the hand, too. Let’s see what other Striker Fire guns we can find.

[Guy2] It has an amazing trigger, too. Hey shitheads. We are continuing our journey to find all the copies of Glocks, the Strikerfire pistols, from all these major manufacturers, and our journey has taken us to the Walther booth at ShotShow 2017, where we’ve got the PPQ. I’ve got the Q5 Match in my hand. It’s not only got forward serrations, but some beautiful millwork on the slide. It’s got the rear plate for your optic that you can remove that, it’s got an adjustable rear sight, really really comfortable grip, probably out of all of them the most comfortable feel and fit that I’ve had in any of the StrikerFires. Not a really rough texture like the Smith and Wesson, some of these guys are going beyond sandpaper. This is maybe a little bit too light, maybe it needs a little bit more. But nonetheless, another striker-fired pistol from a major manufacturer.

Oh man, it’s been a long day. It takes a lot to not only just get around ShotShow, but also to track down and cover all of the copies of Glocks at the show.

[Ben] Yeah all of ’em!

[Guy2] It’s amazing how many there are.

[Ben] There’s a lot of StrikerFire guns out there.

[Guy2] Yeah. And uh– but now we’ve made it to THE number-one EDC in America, as voted on by our fans, and it’s just a fact, more people carry the Glock19 than any other handgun in America. Although, Smith and Wesson Shields, definitely making a run at it. Right now, the Glock19 is in. And that’s what we’ve got here, is the Gen4 Glock 19MOS. You know, everybody copies it, they all kinda feel like it, some of them had triggers that’re a little better, some the grips are a little better, some of ’em have slides that are a little better, oh whatever. People walk through shoots all the time.

[Ben] Whatever.

[Guy2] Some of ’em have little subtle improvements on the Glock concept, but really it’s just a copy of the Glock, because, y’know, that’s what everybody’s doing. So, when you buy the Glock, how do you make it better? Right?

[Ben] Well, I mean, I would start with sights.

[Guy2] So, first thing you do when you get a Glock19, replace the sights. Go with a… go with some Tridiums, or maybe a blacked-out rear with a RedDot up front, you know. Next thing you want to do, is you want to do some slide weight reduction. Get some milling done by a company like Wise Light Arms.

[Ben] Yeah!

[Guy2] Or go big with Agency, or, you know, one of those guys. Jagerworks is anothero one. So replace the slide altogether or get your slide milled out, then, you know, replace the barrel. Get rid of that OEM barrel, put in a MatchGrade barrel. Move it on down, get an enhanced slide release. For sure. Vickers Tactical makes a great enhanced slide release. Get rid of this trigger, it’s trash, you know. Go with, you know, an Agency trigger, or an Apex trigger, or the new CMC trigger is pretty damn badass, we saw that at range day yesterday.

[Ben] Yeah!

[Guy2] Got some trigger time with that. Get an extended mag release, scallop the mag-release area, shave the entire lower, stipple it, get rid of these obnoxious finger grips.

[Ben] Oh yeah. Throw a magwell on.

[Guy2] Put a Magwell on it so that you can load it faster, double-undercut the grips, and uh, replace the backplate. Also the internals, you wanna replace the firing pin, the safety plunger– that’s key!– you know, with the drop-in trigger. Um, and then, once you do all that, you essentially have the perfect Glock. Easy Peasy.

[Ben] Not much to it.

[Guy2] Nah. Look, we’ve enjoyed doing this video, demonstrating for all of you back home how ridiculous it is for Sig fanboys to hate on Glock, for Smith and Wesson fanboys to hate on Glock, for CZ Fanboys to hate on Glock, for HK Fanboys to hate on Glock, because every one of those manufacturers is copying Glock. So. To each his own, gentlemen. Put your hate in the comments below, subscribe to our Youtube channel, and we’ll be back with more from ShotShow 2017.


[Guy2] Dude I was panicking, I thought Hi-Point didn’t come back to the show this year.

[Ben] Yeah. …This make me look bad?

[Guy2] No. Not at all. I tell you what, guys, we’re at the Hi-Point booth, ShotShow 2017, and HiPoint is the only manufacturer that we found so far that has stayed true to their roots and not copied the Glock by creating a Striker-Fired pistol. And ironically, this 45 weighs about as much as all of the other Striker pistols combined.

Sources: Tactical Shit Youtube, Wikipedia, PopularMechanics

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October 19th, 2016 by jhines

A source from has confirmed that the Marine Corps Special Operations Command has decided to shelve its custom .45 pistols and outfit its elite Raiders with the Glock 19.

MARSOC has not yet responded to’s questions for the story, but a source familiar the effort said the command made the decision within the last month. See original announcement below.

Photo by Wikimedia Commons

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